WITH the high bio-diversity and undiscovered riches in the country, the Philippines is without a doubt a tropical paradise. Its scenic attractions, various outdoor activities, interesting culture, rich history and sumptuous dishes are just among the many inviting features of our country.
During the summer, this archipelago is a major tourist destination. Travelers of different kinds come to the country to experience its many exciting wonders. But with the ‘ber’ months fast approaching, there is something more exciting to look forward in the Philippines – surfing.
La Union, Zambales, Baler and Siargao are the famous surf spots in the country. However, along the eastern coast of the island province of Catanduanes, another booming destination awaits international and local surfers – Puraran beach. Facing the Pacific Ocean, Puraran boasts fine sandy beaches, vast mountains, magnificent coves and the breathtaking view of sunrise. All these may sound inviting to every traveler, however Puraran is known to surfers for something else – its perfect barreled waves. Surfers come and brave the giant curls – famously called “majestic” waves, created by the strong gust of wind push.
The first cottages were destroyed by Typhoon Sisang back in 1987. Then after it was rebuilt, typhoon Rosing destroyed the construction in 1995. And in 1998, super typhoon Loleng tore down every structure on the beach. Despite all these natural forces, locals continue to recognize the growth in the tourism industry and constantly develop the place. At present, travelers get to enjoy a more natural ambiance with the beachfront makeshift huts located in the area. The rustic feel of the place is something travelers truly search for.
Even beginners or non-surfers can enjoy the waves in Puraran. Basic surfing lessons are offered and surf boards are available for rent. Perfect overhead waves are usually seen from August to November. The Catandungan Festival is held on August where locals join the Majestic Surfing Cup. And in October, surfers from different parts of the Philippines and across the world come to the Puraran beach for surfing competitions.
Aside from surfing, Puraran is the perfect haven for the adventure seekers. Take on an adventure with nature, go snorkeling in its rich waters and explore the pristine shoreline. For the holiday seekers sink your feet in the beautiful sand bask under the sun.
The Philippines is indeed a thriving world-class travel destination and as time pass by, many wonders are yet to be discovered. This is our land, our home and it is important that we continue to nurture and bring all these into good use.


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