AAG celebrates 16th Asian American  Community Awards

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ON Saturday, September 21, the Asian American Group presented Community Achievement Awards to outstanding Las Vegas citizens and a community organization.  

This is the sixteenth annual Gala Awards night. The event was held at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino Grand Ballroom. Attendees arrived in traditional attire from their countries of origin or evening wear. Cocktails were served while a silent auction and live entertainment kept the guests busy prior to the program.

The individuals honored were: 

• Kathy Ong Sisolak, First Asian First Lady of Nevada

• Dr. Victoria Chen, DDC, MS Orthodontist, CEO of Significant Dental Specialist

• Dr. Shazia Kirmani-Pasha, Pediatrician

• Dr. Faisal Suba, Psychiatrist

• Attorney Steve Dimopoulous, Dimopoulous Injury Law

• Sonny Vinuya, President, Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce

• Tamar p. Hoapili, Community Relations Manager, Cox Communications

• Annie Evans, Manao Asian North American Beauty Pageant

• MNSN Men In Nursing of Southern Nevada

• Dr David Lee,  DDS , Nevada  Dental Board Member

• Dr R. D. Prabhu, MD,  President Nevada State  Board of Medical examiners

The event was attended by distinguished guests including District Attorney Steve Wolfson, Judge Gloria Sturman, Judge Nancy Allf, David Thomas, Judge Vincent Ochoa, Judge Adrianna Escobar, Judge Bill Henderson, Judge Eric Johnson. Judge Susan Johnson, Hon. Melissa De La Garza and Hon. Bita Yarger, Judge Mary Kay Holthus, Judge Jacqueline Bluth, Cristina Silva, Judge Gloria Sturman, Justice Elissa Cadish, Judge Adrianna Escobar, Kristopher Sanchez (Interim Executive Director International Trade for Governor ‘s Economic Development),  Harpreet Singh (Marketing Director for Outreach Community Of Silver State  Health Services), and Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske.

Other honorables guests included Judge Bonnie Bulla, Judge Mark Denton, Judge Joseph Sciscento, Judge Nacy Alf, Judge Vincent Ochoa, Judge Adrianna Escobar, Judge Jerry Weiss,  Judge Susan Johnson, Judge Eric Johnson, Judge Ron Israel, Judge Chris Lee, Judge Bill Kephart, Judge Michael P. Villani and Judge Mark Denton.

The Asian American Group is an organization with a mission of unifying and strengthening the community.  It has united Asian leaders in the community to work with law enforcement, charities, elected officials, and recognizing the outstanding contributors to our community each year and to identify and help areas of the community in need. 

The Marion E. Cahlan – Edison Elementary School & Matt Kelley Elementary School have been chosen by the AAG and has helped yearly with books, toys and meals for the students. For the past few years, the AAG has developed and awarded colleges scholarships to students in need.

Last year, the AAG gave away 1,000 turkeys and plans to double their donations this year.

For more information, please visit www.AsianAmericanGroup.org.

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