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One thought on “SCOTUS upholds law counting total population in voting districts

  1. “G1obalism” is the ultimate betrayal and treas0n against EVERY living/breathing individual within EVERY beautiful diverse sovereign nation on our multicultural planet.

    …All citizens of the planet should execu+e trait0rs to their lands NOW before they infest your nation like termites. You only get one chance with one planet, so do not scrrew this opportunity up!~ Once a single-party system of governance (like 1930′s Gerrmany) seizes power on a gl0bal-scale, you will never be able to undo it!… It is not like you can “imm1grate to another planet” or something!…

    …We need the beautiful diversity of our nations on this multicultural planet in order to ensure a system of “checks and balances”… Contrary to what a few treasonous global-e1ites think, NO ONE MAN should be allowed to “play g0d” with our entire species. Destr0y the treas0nous e1ected 1eaders who intend to forcefeed you “G1obalism”, and make an example of them!

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