Phl Embassy Taps Honorary Consulates To Better Advocate Ph Interests In Italy

Philippine Ambassador Domingo P. Nolasco (center, seated) with Philippine Honorary Consuls during the Philippine Embassy-led planning session in Rome on March 04 — (from left) Consul Antonino Di Liberto, a.h. of Palermo; Consul Francesca Giglio, a.h. of Naples; Consul General Adrian Bernie Candolada of the Philippine Embassy in Rome; Consul General Fabio Fanfani, a.h. of Florence; Consul Danilo Cannas, a.h. of Cagliari; and Vice Consul Flaureen Dacanay of the Philippine Consulate General in Milan.

30 March 2017 ROME — The Philippine Embassy in Rome tapped the Philippine Honorary Consulates in Italy to better advocate Philippine interests all over Italy during their planning session on March 24 at the chancery.

Philippine Ambassador to Italy Domingo P. Nolasco echoed recent policy developments in the Philippines such as Ambisyon 2040, the Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022, and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Strategic Plan.

“In addition to providing consular services, Philippine Honorary Consulates are our people on the ground, they have the local knowledge, and are in the best position to advocate Philippine interests in their respective jurisdictions. We want to synergize with the consulates by giving them guidance on the Philippines’ priority areas in diplomacy, which include political-security, economics, tourism, culture, and assistance-to-nationals,” said Ambassador Nolasco.

The consulates were encouraged to network with local governments officials, universities, think tanks, and chambers of commerce to explore possible collaborations and business matching. They were also provided trade and investment as well as tourism promotional materials for use in their respective jurisdictions.

The honorary consulates cover the five Italian regions of Tuscany, Umbria, Campania, Sicily, and Sardinia home to about 26,000 Filipinos.

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