LBC Introduces Air Cargo Recipients get packages in 7-10 days

South San Francisco, Calif., May 30, 2013 – LBC continues its tradition of innovation and excellent customer service by introducing air cargo with free pick- up service.

LBC customers in New Jersey, California, Oregon, Washington and Las Vegas can now send through Air and enjoy parcels to be delivered within 7 to 10 days. Customers from New Jersey and California may also schedule a free pick-up of their air cargo packages right from their doorsteps. Packages that weigh over 15 pounds can be picked up with no extra fees from the sender’s home or any preferred location.

Affordable rates, fast delivery

This added bonus of free pick-up will not affect LBC’s very affordable rates and fast delivery for its air cargo service.

Customers will still pay as low as $7.50 for documents or as low as $12.50 for parcels when sending to the Philippines through air cargo. LBC will deliver the packages to recipients anywhere in the Philippines within five to seven days.

Competition is no match

LBC’s new free pick-up feature beats virtually any of the competition’s similar service. The free pick-up service is available for parcels 15 pounds and above. Anything below 15 pounds and for a minimum of 6 pounds will have a pick-up fee of $10.

The delivery fee for a package from South San Francisco in California sent through air cargo to a residence in Makati City can cost as much as $200 when sent through FedEx.

A similar service from Johnny Air Cargo will cost $10 more for a door-to-door delivery option.

Faster yet affordable option

By offering this new feature, LBC is providing the Filipino community in the U.S. a faster but still affordable option of sending important documents and valuable gifts to their loved ones in the Philippines, said Patricia G. Garcia, LBC USA’s brand head for North America.

“Customers rely on LBC to deliver their packages without delays. Providing our customers with this faster option will give them a greater degree of flexibility and better connection with their loved ones back home,” Ms. Garcia explained.

She further pointed out that LBC is offering this new feature as a show of appreciation to their customers.

“We are in the business of making our kababayans loved ones in the Philippines happy. We know how hard our kababayans work for what they send home. We are introducing this new feature for air cargo as a show of appreciation for the trust that our customers continue to give us,” Ms. Garcia explained.

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