Filipina imprisoned in Kuwait for joining Islamic State group

Filipina imprisoned in Kuwait for joining Islamic State group

A Filipino woman was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment on Monday, December 26 after a Kuwaiti court convicted her for joining the Islamic State (IS) group and plotting attacks in the country.

The court, whose ruling is not yet final, also ordered that she would be deported back in the Philippines after serving her term.

According to reports, the woman was arrested last August after being accused of joining the jihadist group through its affiliate in Libya.

The Kuwaiti Interior Ministry earlier disclosed that the authorities monitoring her email accounts found messages of her pledging allegiance to the group.

“She confessed she was ready to carry out any terrorist attack once circumstances and means were ripe in order to undermine security and stability in Kuwait, as well as ignite sedition,” Kuwait News Agency previously reported, citing the ministry.

The ministry also said that the woman told her interrogators that she was a member of IS and that her husband was also an active fighter for the group in Libya.

Born in 1984, the woman—whose identity has not been revealed—arrived in Kuwait from the Philippines last June to work as a domestic helper.

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