Commuters group plans to sue Mayor Estrada vs bus ban in Manila

Commuters group plans to sue Mayor Estrada vs bus ban in Manila

MANILA, July 26 (PNA) – The president of National Center for Commuter Safety and Protection (NCCSP) on Friday said that they are planning to sue Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada and other city official over the Resolution No. 48 banning city buses without existing terminals to enter roads in the city.

In a press conference held in Makati City, Elvira Medina, president of NCCSP, said that they filing are a case against Estrada and other city officials to stop the implementation of the scheme which started last July 23.

“It is going to be a long and tedious meeting among the board of trustees so that we can come out with a program to handle the situation and look for legal ways to address it and probably, still work with social pressure,” she told reporters.

Medina said she and the other members of the board of NCCSP are also considering the possibility of asking the court for the issuance of a temporary restraining order against the scheme.

“A TRO could be one of them. We have a track record on this already,” Medina added.

Medina, who claims to be a staunch supporter of Estrada, also lashed at the Manila mayor for allegedly being blind to the rights of commuters and for the lack of transparency and consultation on the bus ban.

She also said forcing commuters to alight from buses and ride on jeepneys when passing through Manila, would not only be inconvenient but also unsafe as commuters would be easy targets of criminals.

Estrada challenged those opposing the resolution that bans buses from entering the city to take their grievances to court.

The resolution, which states that city and provincial buses without existing terminals are barred from entering Manila, was met with criticism by bus operators and commuters.


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