95% of Filipinos welcome 2017 with hope

95% of Filipinos  welcome 2017 with hope

Majority of Filipinos were looking forward to the upcoming year with optimism, the Social Weather Station (SWS) said on Thursday, December 29.

According to the Fourth Quarter 2016 SWS survey conducted early this month, 95 percent of Filipinos will enter 2017 with hope. The remaining 5 percent, on the other hand, said they will face the new year with fear.

SWS asked the following question to its respondents: “Ang darating na taon ba ay inyong sasalubungin ng may pag-asa o may pangamba? (Will you welcome the upcoming year with hope or with fear?)

Results of the survey showed that the number of hopeful Filipinos for 2017 is three points higher compared to the 92 percent in 2015.

On the other hand, the number of Filipinos who fear the upcoming year fell down by three points from a total of 8 percent in 2015.

“Hope for the New Year has always been high, starting at 87 percent when SWS first surveyed it in 2000,” the SWS said in its report.

This year’s poll revealed that Mindanao reached an all-time high 95 percent of hopeful Filipinos from the 88 percent in 2015.

On the other hand, Visayas increased by two points from 90 percent in 2015 to 92 percent in 2016, while Luzon improved by four points from 93 percent in 2015 to 97 percent in 2016.

“Hopefulness for the New Year is high regardless of socio-economic class,” SWS added.

The survey was conducted from December 3 to 6 via face-to-face interview with 1,500 adults (18 years old and above) nationwide, and with a sampling error margins of ±3 percent for national percentages.

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