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Rev. Fr. Altaire Fernandez Associate Pastor At St. John Baptist De La Salle Church

“WHEN you quit when you experience frustration, and you do not try again, you cannot succeed. But when you try again, and you somehow succeed, you no longer need to quit, you simply continue. When you are clear about youraaa

February 01, 2013

Fr. Rey Bersabal – Pastor at St. John the Baptist in Folsom

FOR Father Rey Bersabal, growing as a priest is of vital importance. Bersabal is the pastor of St. John the Baptist in Folsom. Last year, he participated in a new program that provides priest with leadership training called “Good Leaders,aaa

February 01, 2013

Fr. Benjamin Escosura Alforque – Parochial Vicar St. Catherine of Alexandria

FOR Father Benjamin Escosura Alforque, the Parochial Vicar at St. Catherine of Alexandria in Riverside, California, activism is an important part of his life. Aside from serving God, Alforque is a spokesperson for People’s Rights International Solidarity Movement (PRISM) andaaa

February 01, 2013

Rev. Eurel Manzano

LAST June 2011, Fr. Eurel Manzano, 26, became the youngest priest in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston following his ordination. But Fr. Eurel did not get the “call” early. He originally planned to become a doctor and went to the Universityaaa

February 01, 2013

Rev. Fr. Freddie Chua Pastor Our Lady of Lourdes Tujunga, CA

“WE ALL have different gifts. It would be sad, if we [live in a] cookie cutter world. I like to bring the joyfulness that my faith brings – like the joyful presence of my pastor in the Philippines who changedaaa

February 01, 2013

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