Why should we sleep more?

Why should we sleep more?

IN the modern day setting, most people never seem to have time for a proper rest. There are too many things going on at the same time that we often neglect getting, at least, eight hours of sleep each night. Unfortunately, that sort of practice is bad for both our mental and physical health, wearing you down slowly and leading to more severe illnesses.

Having a good night’s rest isn’t just the key to keeping your body fit and healthy, either. Here are a few reasons why you should sleep longer and better:

Better memory retention

Did you think staying up late cramming information into your head would help you memorize it better? Think again.  That kind of practice only makes you even more tired the next day, making it easier to forget what you spent the whole night trying to keep it in your head. Studies have shown that while we sleep, our brains process our memories much deeper and easier. Lose sleep and you’ll increase your chance of failing to remember something important the next day.

Clear your mind 

Staying up late can really do a number on the mental facility, making it harder to focus and concentrate on a single task. You could end up really ruining your day just from the mistakes you make here and there because you aren’t thinking straight. Grab a good night’s rest so you can recharge your body and mind, making it easier to solve problems and zoom through your work or school day.

Perk yourself up

Your daily coffee intake might help keep you peppy throughout the day, but a true day-brightener is getting enough sleep and waking the next day feeling totally refreshed and ready to take on the world. You might not naturally turn into a happy camper in an instant, but at least, you’ll feel better about yourself and be ready to face any troubles and trials throughout your day.

Avoid weight gain 

When you sleep longer and better, you gain the energy to move and be active. This can help keep the weight down as you laze around less and move more briskly, prompting a slight exercise as you move your body. You’ll be able to get up early and exercise better so you can keep those weight goals you might have.

Lessen your cancer risk

While you sleep, your body produces melatonin, a chemical that helps regulate your sleep cycle. This not only helps with your sleep but also helps in eliminating cancer-causing free radicals and increasing the production of antioxidants. When you interrupt or lose sleep, you basically halt the continuous production of this beneficial agent.

Are those good enough reasons for you to plan on sleeping early on a daily basis? Just take note that oversleeping is just as bad and can really mess up your internal clock and some other body functions. Try to find that perfect balance in the number of hours you sleep and see the benefits of a good night’s rest start becoming apparent.


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