What to expect when the unexpected happens

What to expect when the unexpected happens

Hospitals can be busy, high-pressure places. Often, just the stress associated with being in the Emergency Department can hinder the healing process. That’s why at Dignity Health Glendale Memorial Hospital and Health Center, we believe in delivering excellent clinical care in an environment that cares for the whole person.

If you are ever admitted to a hospital for an emergency, here’s what you can ask for and expect. Hospital staff should always make the effort to know you as a person and not just as a patient. This means doctors and nurses should work together with you to discuss your plan of care. Additionally, your experience should leave you feeling empowered by staff members who educate you on what to expect for upcoming procedures and medications. No matter what, safety and comfort is always a priority. Staff should be attentive to your needs and respond quickly to your requests for managing pain.

“From the first encounter to discharge, patients and families of Glendale Memorial are truly an integral part of their own care plan,” says Brigeli Westerband, MD, Glendale Memorial Emergency Medicine Division Chair.

Again, no one anticipates a trip to the emergency room, but if you arrive at Glendale Memorial Hospital, you can expect to be in good hands. For a free referral to a Glendale Memorial Hospital-affiliated physician, call our Doctor Finder service at (818)502-2378.

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