Traveling 101:  Tips on getting more for your money

IN this digital era where alluring destinations and fascinating safaris keep flooding your social media accounts, the need and hunger for travel burns deep inside the hearts of those who wants a detour from this toxic utopia that is urban life.

Whether you’re a student who has tons of paperwork to do or one of those people with jobs as stressful as the heavy traffic during rush hour, traveling has now become more of a necessity than a luxury.

Although traveling can really cost you a dime, there’s a way to get more from your money while you’re out having the best experience on your adventures.

1.  Book cheap flights

Be resourceful in waiting and finding cheap deals to avoid throwing out cash when you’re supposed to save up. Look into travel websites that offer searching into other companies and comparing airfares to get the lowest rate.

2. Find valuable accommodations

You don’t have to stay in hotels and be all fancy. You can always settle for amiable dorm-style places or hostels. Remember: you’re out for some adventures, not some glamorous sleepovers.

3. DIY your itinerary

Yup. Do it yourself instead of availing for packaged tours which could cost more, why not plan your own day and the places you want to go. Be diligent about searching for places that are free and worth seeing.

4. Maximize buffet breakfast

That’s right. Not to spoil and break your “healthy” diet, but this is because adventures are composed of long walks and long days which consumes energy. Start your day early and amplify those buffet accommodations to avoid getting hangry (hungry+angry) plus, it’s also a hack to decrease expenditures because snacks and water in some places are extremely expensive.

5. Keyword: READ

This one goes out to everyone specially those who are first time travelers. It’s not going to make you sweat if you read and study prior to visiting the place or country. It’s important to know the details like transportation (public transportations of course cost less than cabs in many places) road maps (familiarize yourself beforehand of the ins and outs of town to avoid getting lost and time inconvenience) weather (Travel light. There are places that has different weather conditions, it’s important to know which essential things to bring to avoid excess baggage which is costly), and even the culture for a handy, frugal and satisfying adventure.

While it is pleasurable to spend some time unwinding, people can always relish the finer things in life while avoiding spending too much. Tight purse strings+quality experience= great adventures.

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