This Filipino invention is helping people drive greener for cheaper

This Filipino invention is helping people drive greener for cheaper

GLOBAL warming is undoubtedly one of the most pressing issues being faced by the world today, and according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the nation’s transportation sector — which includes cars, trucks, trains, planes, ships, and freight — is responsible for nearly 30 percent of all U.S. global warming emissions.  That makes transportation the second leading source of greenhouse gas emissions, following electricity.

And as cars have become a necessity for many of us, it’s no surprise that our personal vehicles play a major role as a contributor to climate change.  In every gallon of gas, our cars and trucks emit around 24 pounds of carbon dioxide and other global-warming gases, altogether accounting for nearly one-fifth of all U.S. emissions, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCSUSA).  Furthermore, over 19 pounds per gallon of heat-trapping emissions come straight out of our car’s tailpipes.

As a result, we experience increasingly intense heat waves, rises in sea levels, and air quality related health problems such as asthma in many of our nation’s communities.

While efforts to combat global warming and air quality have heightened, they can be pretty costly.  Electric and hybrid vehicles, for example, have been at the forefront of clean driving efforts, but not everyone may be ready to make such a big purchase.  In fact, many drivers have been opting out of purchasing them.

Despite the fact that electric vehicles have been on the market for quite a while now often supported by government incentives, many drivers have remained hesitant to purchase a new electric car.  Of the nearly 34 million vehicles sold in the past two years in the U.S., almost all of them run on gas as reported by Business Insider.  Tesla for example, perhaps the most prominent maker of electric vehicles, saw an initial decline in total vehicle deliveries despite coming out with its cheaper Model 3 car.

So how then, can everyday drivers do their part in helping the environment without spending too much?  In comes Filipino inventor Dennis Alvarez who found a way to help drivers drive greener for cheaper through his breakthrough Philippine produced bio synthetic engine lubricant.

IC Green — which stands for Internal Combustion Green technology — blends a balanced formulation of mineral based and bio synthetic oils that allow for a more responsive engine, thus optimizing the combustion process and generating a more powerful engine with noticeably reduced emissions.

Tested by organizations like the Philippine Department Of Transportation and Communications’ Land Transportation Office, as well as the Philippines’ authorized Caterpillar dealer Monark Equipment Corporation, IC Green products have been proven to protect, lubricate, maintain normal engine temperatures, and even clean engines.

Specific benefits include a saving of up to 25 percent of fuel costs, quick and responsive acceleration, savings in maintenance costs, reductions of up to 80 percent in emissions, reduction in engine wear and tear, a nearly 50 percent reduction of engine noise, prolonged engine life, and the lengthening of time between oil changes.

Though fairly new to the American market, Alvarez and his IC Green team have already garnered a number of awards and recognitions internationally.  The most recents include winning a silver medal in 2017 at the second annual International Innovation Competition in Toronto, Canada; a bronze iENA medal in 2015 by the International Federation of Inventors Association in Nuremberg, Germany; and a gold medal award at America’s largest invention trade show, InventHelp’s 2014 INPEX show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“Very few products sold today have gains without negative consequence, and this one proves it has that in every bottle,” said Filipino autoguru Ben Alameda, who has become a firm believer of the IC Green products.

Having been featured in over 50 automobile publications, appeared in a number of television shows on channels like the Filipino Channel and the Discovery Channel, topped numerous car races, and spent 29 years with the LAPD, Alameda knows his way around cars and has become a respected name in the automobile industry.

After hearing about IC Green from a friend and learning about its Filipino inventor, Alameda decided to test the products out — much like he did with many car products before.

In Alameda’s first test, he took off in a 2012 Honda Fit — engine oil at 50 percent of its service or mileage life — and drove a total of 475 miles from Palmdale, California to Las Vegas, Nevada and back just to see how much of a difference adding IC Green to his engine actually made.

What he found was an impressive increase of an additional 5.4 miles per gallon — a total of 54 extra miles per tankful — and a six-degree-fahrenheit decrease in oil temperature.  Similar results were made on his drive back to Palmdale.

“Anytime there are gains in mileage, it is an obvious result of a more efficient running engine,” explained Alameda.  “Meanwhile, a drop in oil temperatures also prolongs oil life between change intervals, providing added protection and a longer lasting engine with fewer serviceable problems in the long run.”

And because the car consumed less gas per mile driven, less carbon pollutants were emitted thus helping preserve fuel resources and energy.

In Alameda’s second test, he repeated his drive on newly installed oil, and added IC Green’s gas additive as well.  Again, more miles per gallon and a decrease in temperature was the result — this time with a gain of 6.5 miles per gallon, or an additional 65 miles per tankful.

“That is an additional one hour of travel time per tankful which is significant when you are trying to gain mileage and less wear for your vehicle’s engine,” shared Alameda.

For IC Green, the goal is all about helping everyday drivers save fuel, save their engine, and ultimately help save the earth in an easy and affordable way.  With IC Green, anyone can — as the products’ slogan says — “Fight pollution, with the now solution.”

Those interested in learning more about or purchasing IC Green products such as the Green Oil Enhancer, the WOW 10 Motor Oil Enhancer, or the Fuel Power Booster, can visit, email or call (562) 402 – 7778. 


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