Social media vs. real life

Social media vs. real life

Social media is amazing, isn’t it? You can show people what’s going on with your life at a simple click of a button. Whether it’s through photographs, status updates or even a video, your friends and family can catch a glimpse of your life and vice versa. But not everything you see can be taken at face value.

Here are a few topics that are often exaggerated on social media:

Camping Out

Camping may seem all nice and cozy with all those photos of star gazers, tents and warm bonfires. In reality, camping may be a lot more than you bargained for. Rainy or stormy days can spell trouble for campers since most tents were not made for such conditions. Bugs and wild creatures can be a problem too if you’re not fully prepared and starting a fire is a lot harder when you lack proper equipment. Camping may be a great bonding moment, but not for a lot of the reasons you think.

Beach Days

Are you often jealous of the amazing beach destinations your friends go to based on their vacation albums? Well what if I told you those pictures may have taken quite a bit of work or even photo manipulation to make them look that way. No matter what tropical island you go to, weather and atmosphere plays a significant role in the perfect vacation pic. While it is usually sunny days, even warm islands have their fair share of dark and stormy times.

The Struggle is Real

Did you think those fun and carefree-looking vacation pictures and videos were easy to make? Making media to post on your social media accounts is very tiring and tedious work in reality. Those flawless swimsuit and jump photos? A lot of  time and tries have been poured into it just to get the right one. Those amazing mountain hike photos? Their feet are probably sore from climbing near steep terrain just to get up there. It seems like no sacrifice is too great to nab the perfect shot when it comes to the internet.

The Journey

While it may be fun to see  a photo of smiling faces on a plane or car on your news feed, chances are the people in the picture were close to passing out while trying to look good for the camera. Road trips and plane rides can really take a lot out of you from the early waking call to the long and boring moments of doing nothing. Next time you get jealous of a photo of your friends on a trip overseas or a car across the country, just remember that they were probably dead tired and that it isn’t all that glamorous as they make it out to be.

The Sights and Flavors

It can be easy to get envious of the many different foods or attractions your traveling friends and family get to go to, but for most cases they probably just got lucky. The more popular a national dish or tourist site is, the less likely you are to visit it. When you visit a country, chances are you’re not the only one looking forward to taking videos or writing status updates in a famous restaurant or a world renowned monument. Long lines and terrible conditions will more often than not be present when you arrive.

It can be easy to get carried away with the allure and sparkle of social media posts, but it would do you well to remember that not all trips were created equal and that some posts may be exaggerated to make it appear better than it actually was. That said, there is no harm in having a bad vacation as it can net you valuable experience you can learn from.


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