Pursuing your dream

WE all aspired to be “something” when we were little.

My brother wanted to be a star athlete, my son wants to be a professional basketball player, and I wanted to be an artist.  My friend wanted to be a lawyer and another friend is still dreaming of starting her own business and getting out of her deadbeat “job.”

Whatever it is that is engraved in our hearts is something we must follow and protect at all costs.

Seriously, in spite of your status in life and the factors involved in it, you have to find a way to follow your dream—or forever live in misery.

The people around you should be aware of what you want to do in life. Either they hang around and support you, or they leave you to accomplish your dreams, because they can’t see themselves being part of it.

The problem is that most of us delay starting our journey toward the path of our chosen endeavor because life always has a way of getting in between that dream and us.  However, this shouldn’t be an excuse for procrastination.  There has got to be a way for you and me to achieve our dream…. IF WE ONLY HAD TIME!

Here’s the good news, you can have time if you MAKE TIME!  And while making time seems difficult, it can be done.  Here are some suggestions that may help you take back “time” so that you can do what makes you happiest— pursuing your dream!

Here are my easy suggestions:

Start your day with it

When you begin your day investing time in what you love to do, your day, often times, becomes lighter and brighter.  And that’s because there is satisfaction in your outlook.

I like creating and editing video shorts.  And I am dreaming of creating a short movie or a music video that I can showcase to my audience.  I find peace in editing photos and videos.

So whether it’s on my laptop or my smartphone, I make it a point to edit or tweak a video clip or photograph and play around with it until it is to my liking.

If you’re really pressed for time, wake up an hour earlier so that you can invest time in what you want to do.

Delegate various tasks

You cannot do it all.  You can try but you’ll end up doing everything “half-cooked.” Delegating chores or other tasks to a friend, colleague or even hiring someone to do it may be worth it.  It’s literally asking someone to help you out.  And don’t be afraid to spend for it!

Doing my laundry takes a good portion of my day.  Having my laundry done by an outside source doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg, so for practically pennies on the dollar, I am able to get more things done and still have time to follow my dream.  And when you’ve really put out money to invest in something, you’re bound to take it more seriously.

Stop unnecessary web surfing

You may think that everything you do on the web is important. The next time you’re online, make a conscious effort to notice every site you’re on.  Chances are, you’re probably “leisure surfing.” And while it can be helpful immediately, it’ll ruin your opportunity to pursue your dream.  You’re looking for time… time to begin and keep doing what you want to do.  Unnecessary surfing takes a big chunk of your time.

If what you’re reading online isn’t going to make you more knowledgeable or take you closer to achieving your dream, stop it!

Don’t say ‘yes’ all the time

You shouldn’t be available all the time.  Sometimes, out of courtesy or because we feel it to be an obligation or a threat to our integrity, we often say “yes” to invitations and trivial events at the expense of working toward our dream.

Instead of saying “Yes” right away, start by saying “It depends on my schedule” or something to that effect.  Believe me, the world doesn’t revolve around you.  And whether you show up at the event or not, life will go on!

If it’s not important, let it go!

On Friday, I found myself walking the aisles of Target, buying stuff for the house.  Yes, it was an urgent concern but was it important?  Did I have to be at Target on Friday night instead of being at home, working on my short film?  Probably not!  Like you, I’m still learning!

There are too many reasons why we should postpone the pursuit of our own dream.  Make it your priority to give time to what you want to achieve because it will be the catalyst of your life’s satisfaction.

Have a great rest of the week!


Paco Arespacochaga is a musician/songwriter for the award winning band Introvoys (www.introvoys.net).  He runs his own media company, 2heaven Media ( www.2heavenmedia.com).  He is also a husband, a father and a friend. Read more of his thoughts by going to www.pacoarespacochaga.com and send him an email at pacointhehouse@gmail.com

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