Proving your boss wrong can make you ‘Employee of the Year!’

You wake up and it’s the beginning of the workweek and you hate it!  Why?

You go through the motions of the day wishing it would end soon and all day long, you look forward to going home.

In between going to work and coming home is work itself.  It’s where you must wear the “hat” of being an employee.

In this state, you have a choice to be controlled by the circumstance and lose.  Or take control of the circumstance and win!

I’m sure you know that if you don’t take your job seriously, you run the risk of being mediocre and, eventually, getting fired!

On the other hand, getting on your boss’s favor may make or break you, too!  If you “brown nose” too much, you’ll irritate your boss and your peers.  And if you try doing it on your own, bringing your “own ways” to the table, you might be perceived as a threat and not be as effective and efficient as you think you’d be.

Where then must you position yourself and what then must you do?

You must position yourself as a team player.  Every boss and everyone love such an employee.  No, you don’t need to “brown nose.”You just need to keep moving forward.

How must this happen then?  PROVE YOUR BOSS WRONG… but no one has to know.

You’re probably smart enough to know what you have to do but you don’t have enough clout at work to do what you need to do.

Your boss, on the other hand, has the power to be your amplifier.  But only after you’ve proven him wrong.  This is your goal.  And you will do this with a VERY OPEN MIND!

What then are the benefits of proving him/her wrong aside from, probably, making you “Employee of the Year?”

Proving your boss wrong…

- Motivates you to do the task immediately. Your boss tells you to complete a task a certain way.  You don’t think it’s an efficient way of doing it.  Other employees in the same situation would argue with their boss.  You won’t!  You’re going to try your boss’s method to see if your method is better.  The benefit is that him and the rest of your peers will see you as an efficient subordinate.

- Creates a positive perception of YOU. Seriously… as long as YOU KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT in the beginning.  Again, no one needs to know your real motive.  YOU may be out there to prove your boss and everybody else that you’re better and as such, doing what they want so you can prove your point immediately.  They don’t see it this way.  They will get the impression that you’re a team player because you do what you’re told to do.

- Gives you the opportunity to learn new ways. Not all bosses are dumb.  Most of them are smarter than you!  Most of them have legitimately earned their place in the workforce.  If you want to prove them wrong, challenging their ways by doing what you’re told is the most effective way to make your point.  If it doesn’t work, you can approach your boss and let them know that it didn’t work.  You cannot be blamed for this.  But what if their methods and ways pan out to be more efficient and productive than yours?  Now you’ve just learned another way of doing something you thought you already knew how.

- Makes you an asset.  Unless you do it your boss’s way first, and have proven that his way is ineffective, you have NO RIGHT to argue what you’ve been TOLD to do.  However, if you’ve done everything your boss has told you and have PROVEN his/her method to be less effective and efficient than yours, NOW would be a good time to come up to him/her and HUMBLY SUGGEST a method that MIGHT work.  And this is where your ideas come in!

Keep your mouth shut and your ears and mind open.  The last thing you want is to become the “antagonist” in the group.

Follow these steps and you just might win EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR!


Paco Arespacochaga is the drummer/songwriter of the band INTRoVOYS ( and the host of the Internet show, Paco In the House (  You may send feedback to

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