Let the Year of the Earth Dog begin

Let the Year of the Earth Dog begin

Feng shui master Thierry Chow gives her tips and forecast for the upcoming Year of the Earth Dog

Discovered in China some thousand years ago, feng shui (translated as “wind and water”) in simple terms is about examining how surroundings and the placement of things affects and influences people’s lives.

It’s something that to this day, many believers still look to in figuring out life’s concerns whether they be in health, wealth, relationships, and so forth.  It’s also been going through a recent wave of renaissance.

At the forefront of the modern feng shui movement is Thierry Chow, a young fashion forward  feng shui master whose approach to the ancient practice is as she describes, “creative and fun with a modern twist” — her Instagram bio reads “environmental curator.”

Despite having a contemporary approach and a style uncommon among geomancers, Chow’s knowledge of the ancient practice is nothing to be doubted.  Her teacher, master Chow Hon-ming, is one of Hong Kong’s most prominent feng shui masters.  His client list includes major banks and companies including Cathay Pacific and HSBC, according to a Time Out Hong Kong article.

Chow Hon-ming is also Thierry’s father.

“My dad has been in the industry for 30 plus years, and [has a] very traditional approach, which I think is very important,” Thierry Chow told the Asian Journal.  Being the offspring in a new generation, Chow has made it a point to keep the tradition alive while incorporating modern elements that are more in tune with the 21st century.

Having graduated in Canada with a degree in design and art illustration, Chow went back to Hong Kong where she decided to pick up her father’s craft.  Now, she’s regarded as one of the top must know feng shui masters in all of Hong Kong.

Most recently, Chow finished up a Hong Kong taping of Anthony Bourdain’s award winning travel and food show “Parts Unknown” — she can’t share much on what to expect, but encourages people to keep an eye out.  She’s also just published her first book called “Love and Fate” that was self-written and illustrated, and is in the works of launching her own line of feng shui products.

So what does the feng shui guru have to say about this upcoming Year of the Earth Dog?

“For the Year of the Earth Dog, we will be more focused on eco-friendliness and recycling, such as eco-friendly products and events,” said Chow, adding that this year will be all about pushing efforts on taking care of the planet.

For those born on a dog year, Chow said to “expect a lot of changes” — this year may not be as stable as they would typically hope.  “But with focus, wisdom, and awareness, one will find peace through the dog year,” she added.

While feng shui advice is often personalized, Chow gave the Asian Journal some quick tips that all may find useful in garnering good energy in entering the year of the earth dog.

At home

Getting rid of unwanted and unneeded items in our homes is very important when it comes to welcoming the new year. Chow said that our homes and what we have in them are a reflection of our inner experiences and who we are.

“A big purge can help with our internal health,” added Chow.  “Donate your stuff to charity so others can reuse your things as a good action for the environment also.”

At work

In line with the earth category on which the upcoming year falls, Chow recommends incorporating earth-friendly elements and ideas in our work spaces.  Keywords include recycling, eco-friendly, reuse, gems, crystals, clay, jade, etc.

One tip she gave was to place more plants indoor to improve productivity.  “A great corner to place plants is the south corner of a space,” said Chow.

In your relationships and social life

“Make sure to focus on the people you love and enjoy being with,” said Chow.

She added that a good star for relationships is to be found in the southeast corners of our homes and offices.  “Use those corners more,” she said.

For yourself

“It is important to stay healthy.  Keep in mind, balance is key,” said Chow.  This includes exercising, eating well, seeing both family and friends, and keeping a nice and comfortable home.

Chow added, “This year, the sickness stars are located in the north and west corners.”  She recommends not using these areas of our homes or offices for too long.  If we must, she recommends placing a copper clock in the corner to help minimize bad energy.

In your closet

Being that Chow is also a fashion guru, she encourages people this year to try wearing the following:  checkered suits and blazers, oversized “boyfriend” suits and blazers, knee high boots, artist hats, and super bright electric colors of pink, green and purple.  She also suggests keeping stone jewelry like jade, in your wardrobe. “They will become quite trendy,” Chow forecasted.

On your plate

When it comes to incorporating feng shui through food, Chow said gaining personal well-being through what we eat is a matter of not only being mindful of what we eat, but of where we eat.

“Choose places that have good energy to eat and have coffee,” said Chow.  “You will find yourself charged positively.”

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