Lessons from long-distance relationships

Lessons from long-distance relationships

IT can be easy to see all of the disadvantages of a long-distance relationship: the distance, the lack of constant interaction and the pain of missing a loved one. But despite all of its hang ups, they can be balanced out by some of the good things that come from being far apart.

Here are a few reasons that show why a long-distance relationship is not necessarily a bad thing:

Your time together becomes more special

In a long-distance relationship, any time you have together becomes crucial in strengthening your  bonds. The moments you have with each other may seem like a precious commodity, but the fact that it does not occur often can help increase the value of these visits. It can help test the love you have for each other while also making those rare visits feel more special.

Traveling becomes a big deal

Traveling to some people may just be for something and activity best reserved for simple relaxation and worry-free vacationing. But for people locked in a long distance relationship, travel becomes a special and exciting time to return to the arms of the one you love. Lots of planning and preparation goes into scheduling, planning and executing visits so you can enjoy birthdays, anniversaries and more together.

Planning dates becomes a big deal

Unlike normal couples who treat dates as just regular meet-ups sometimes, a date planned between two cross-country lovers is often on a different level. From walking to their fave food stalls to an all out romantic dinner at a swanky resto, the time spent together is something they’ll both cherish and grow from if they truly love one another.

You realize how much your significant other means to you

It’s a lot easier to neglect people and their feelings if you know you can see or visit them anytime you want. For long-distance couples, however, the feeling of togetherness and love they have for each other is often amplified by simply not seeing or being with one another for a long time. Upon leaving back home from a few days of being together, they will often realize how much they miss each other. This can help them see what a big part they are in each others lives and can make the relationship mean a lot more.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” While spending as much time with each other is important, sometimes loving one another from a distance can give you a new perspective of why you love and care for one another. Try to balance presence and absence so that you don’t make your partner feel too smothered or rejected.


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