Kris Aquino and her controversial necklace

Kris Aquino and her controversial necklace

After being provoked by a false allegation on social media about a necklace that was suggested as once owned by Imelda Marcos, the Queen of All Media Kris Aquino broke her silence on the issue during the press launch of her latest product endorsement.

“The last thing, I think, my family will do would be to steal someone’s jewelry,” the actress and TV host said to the press.  She was referring to the necklace she first wore during a gala dinner held in Manila during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation in November 2015.

Rumors about the necklace kept popping up on Facebook, claiming that the necklace was among the pieces of jewelry seized by the government from the Marcoses.  Kris maintained that her necklace was not made of diamonds but cubic zirconia and silver from Italian luxury brand Bottega Veneta.

In an Instagram post last Monday, Oct. 10, she said, “ “I paid for them [with] hard earned, tax paid income and hindi ko na problema kung yung pagnanakaw ng iba trip nilang ibintang/pagtakpan using me. So this is FAIR WARNING – stop lying about me if you don’t want your rotting skeletons unearthed.”

We’ll see how this one goes.  If Kris said that the jewelry is hers, then there’s no sense in dragging it in any controversy.


Megastar Sharon Cuneta expressed her grief her sadness for the passing of her three half-siblings in just a month.

“A month or so ago, I lost a half-brother, Kuya Danny. I was never particularly close to him, but there was no bad blood between us,” she said.

“About two weeks ago, I lost another half-brother, my above brother’s brother, Kuya Freddie. I felt worse about losing him as our Daddy wanted nothing more than all his very many children to get along. Kuya Freddie and my Mom had a falling out years ago. And, well, you know how fiercely protective I was of my parents. I regret that we never had the opportunity to make up and forgive each other in person,” she added.

Then just last Tuesday, October 11, she received a phone call and learned that her half-sister, Ningning, also passed away.

Danny, Freddie and Ningning are Sharon’s siblings with the late Pasay City Mayor Pablo Cuneta.

Our condolences to Sharon and the families of her half-siblings.

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