Jestoni Alarcon and his journey to success

Jestoni Alarcon and his journey to success

Reconnecting with my friends in the Philippines is always such a wonderful opportunity. I was so happy when Jestoni Alarcon and his wife Lizette invited me over for a dinner in an exclusive Japanese restaurant in Eastwood City.

It was so nice to see the couple after a long time. We reminisced the good old days that we had in LA. I was touched by their story and I want to share their lives with all of you.

Jesus Antonio Pineda Alarcon, known to many Filipinos as Jestoni Alarcon, is a famous actor-public servant. He is an artist with more than 50 films under his belt. Among those remarkable movies include “Huwag Mong Buhayin Ang Bangkay” (1986), “Hiwaga sa Balete Drive” (1988) and “Kristobal: Tinik Sa Korona” (1990). He’s also one of the few talents who had the privilege to appear in several TV shows from ABS-CBN, GMA 7 and TV5.

His versatility as an actor and good looks gave him full success in the showbiz industry. I have been a friend of Jestoni for a very long time and I can attest that in spite of all the fame and fortune, he had kept his feet on the ground.  This is why until now; he still has his own spotlight in our local entertainment industry.

Jestoni started out his showbiz career at the age of 16. He was discovered by Vir Mateo. His first appearance was with veteran actor Aga Muhlach in the 1984 film Campus Beat.  Because of his professionalism and passion in acting, He became one of the brightest and most admired stars in the late 80s and 90s.

After he took a break from showbiz, Jestoni entered into the world of politics. He started as a councilor in the City of Antipolo before he was elected as a Vice Governor of Rizal in 2005. His heart felt the need to support and be of service to his constituents. Like many other politicians, he also experienced defeat in his own political career. However, he never stopped doing public service. In the May 2013 election, he won a landslide victory as the top board member in the Province of Rizal District 1.

Indeed, God has blessed Jestoni in everything he does whether it is in his showbiz or political career.  As the saying goes, “behind every successful man is a great woman.”  I can still remember how Jestoni met the love of his life, Lizette Capili, a Filipino-American. She is one of my beauty queen protégés and models from LA.

Their paths crossed in 1991 when Jestoni was supposed to escort Lizette in a parade. But he was not able to make it to the event because of Mount Pinatubo’s eruption. I then decided to set up a special lunch meeting at a Japanese restaurant for them. During that first meeting, they immediately fell in love with each other. Since then, they were never apart and they built a wonderful family.

Lizette became a very supportive mother and wife.  They have three children: Jessica, my goddaughter, Angelica, and Anthony Pierce. Their kids are very active and athletic. The couple is very open to the idea that someday one of their kids might enter the showbiz industry; however, they want to make sure that their children will finish their studies and a get a degree of their own.

I am so happy to be a part of a very wonderful love story. With faith in God, they continue to achieve all their dreams and share it with the people who surround them. Jestoni is an epitome of a successful man with a humble heart.

To Jestoni and Lizette, I wish that God will continuously pour out his blessings to your family!


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