How to start travel blogging

How to start travel blogging

So you want to be a great travel blogger? It’s not as simple as just writing about the places you go visit. There is a lot of effort and work to be done if you want to make a big impact in the blogging world.

Here are a few tips to help you get started on your road to travel blogging fame:


Nobody will take your blog seriously if you aren’t using correct grammar. Using the proper sentences and words also helps all kinds of people understand your blog better. This means that more people will be interested in your blog and increases the chance they’ll tell their friends and family about your site. Not good at grammar? You can learn about it online or ask a someone knows grammar to help edit your entries with you.


Keeping a concise theme or focusing on one to two subjects can help paint a clearer picture for you and the readers. For example, your blog can focus on discovering the best beaches and trying out different water sports if those are two things you are personally interested in. With that level of interest, you will be able to describe those activities passionately.


A picture is worth a thousand words, but a few paragraphs with some well-shot photos are a whole lot more appealing. Combining descriptive writing with eye-catching photos are a sure way to make a blog a lot more appealing and fun to read. While it’s easier to let an advanced camera do most of the work for you, learning about angles, lighting and the rule of thirds can definitely increase your photo quality.


It does a blogger some good when they do a bit of research before traveling to their destinations. Lots of planning, contracting and economizing goes into a well-received blog. From attractions to cover to local rituals you want to witness, a good amount of knowledge is needed to maximize your trip coverage.


It’s easy to find a free-to-use platform to post your blog on, but it’s the actual traveling that uses up a lot of moolah. A travel blog wouldn’t be a travel blog if there is no traveling going on, so making sure you save enough money to go on trips is vital to keeping your site relevant and popular. Plan out a regular interval when you want to travel (i.e. every four months or twice a year) and make sure to save enough for them.

Record your adventures for the world to see and learn from! It’s not easy to make a travel blog from scratch, but imparting your travel knowledge and having people appreciate your travel know-how can be a rewarding confidence boost.


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