How to make history enjoyable

How to make history enjoyable

Some people say that the past should stay in the past. While it seems like looking back in time may not seem all too fruitful, there are actually a lot of advantages to learning about the events back in the day. There may be times when you are asked to look into history in order to research or learn about something.

But learning about past events isn’t as bad as it seems. Here are 5 ways you can make history lessons a little less boring:

Put yourself in the story

Not yourself, per se. More like your ancestors or the people who came before you and your forefathers. It can be very interesting to see how your lineage fits into the history books. While this takes a lot of researching or cross referencing information from your grandparents or family tree (it can be fun to listen to their stories), the results can be very surprising and make your interest in the subject grow. You never know your great grandfather could have been a well-known playwright or the dentist of a famous figure.

House visit to the past

Museums are often considered the homes of true history, housing and protecting artifacts of the past. You may be telling yourself “the museum is boring enough on its own”. But thanks to modern technology museums can now be amazingly interactive and fun. Research about museum displays that have audio tour guides or displays that you can touch and learn from to really get immerse in the stories of the past.

Novel ideas

If history books bore you to no end, there are other kinds of paperbacks that can prove more interesting to read from. Novels based on personal accounts of people who existed during the time can be more entertaining to look into than pure facts and monotonous paragraphs of historic lore. With the convenience of the internet, you can easily google the kind of books you’re looking for. Historic and entertaining!

On the silver screen

If books or museums aren’t doing it for you, it might be a lot more fun to rent an autobiographic movie or videos that do all the research for you. Fact driven history videos or movies that are based on the novels of people who were present in that event prove to catch people’s attention more than just searching for facts. Prepare some popcorn, dim the lights and enjoy an engaging history lesson on film. Just don’t forget to pick movies known to be deeply rooted with fact and make sure to take notes while you watch (unless you really liked it and plan to watch it again).

Learn with a friend

If trying out these activities by yourself is still boring, do it with a friend. Learning is a lot easier if you have somebody to exchange opinions and ideas with. If you don’t understand parts of the museum tour or the material that you’re reading, don’t be embarrassed and ask away. The point of you touring a museum or reading a novel about the past is to learn, not to pretend to be smart. Just make sure you’re both aware of the goal and don’t start distracting each other.

And there you have it, five ways to make your history research a lot more enjoyable. You may find yourself having to read about the past or collect information about something that happened in history. When you do, make sure to remember these fun and helpful tips.


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