How good energy can enter your home 

How good energy can enter your home 

A house with the entrance positioned behind the front line of the building hinders the smooth flow of good energy.

This layout, which is often found at condos, is the least recommended for the Feng Shui purpose of circulating good energy. To ensure proper flow of the positive energy, set “plant boxes (vases) with buried crystals” at each side of the outside walls.

Then place a “Ba Gua Flat Mirror” on the wall outside of the entrance.

Furthermore, place an “Amethyst Dome” to the wall facing the entrance to enhance the flow of the good energy. An “Amethyst Dome” is like a catcher’s mitt that vacuums in the good energy and recirculates it through the house.

Thus it is possible to have good energy, even with financial luck as well, brought into the house.

**ALL Feng Shui items must be purified by the TAOIST way.

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Feng Shui master Sean Shono owns Dragon God, a Feng Shui store in Gardena, California. He is the U.S. Chief of the International Feng Shui Association. For more information, please call Sean Shono at (310) 787-1891. Dragon God is located at 1580 W. Artesia SQ. Suite A, Gardena, CA 90248.

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