Holistic approach to skin whitening

HI Dr. Vicki!

I have been a fan of your TV show ever since I saw it 3 years ago! I was even more thrilled when I saw that you have a column so I took the courage to send you an email. Doc, I was born with brown skin as most Filipinos are. However, I noticed that over the years I have developed dark patches on my face and body. Also, my skin got darker. I have tried so many whitening soaps, lotions, creams and still to no avail. Some products have even caused the dark spots to spread! Please help me on how I can get whiter skin.

P.S. More power to your column!

Love, Trish


Many Filipinos are born with dark skin. We call it “kayumanggi”. This skin type is more prone to scarring  and hyperpigmentation. Skin darkening is caused by the overproduction of melanin. Think of it as a huge chunk of rock that accumulates over time in your skin. It can be stubborn and hard to remove.

Prolonged or frequent exposure to the sun’s UV rays, hormonal changes such as pregnancy or use of birth control pills or a result of an allergic reaction to a substance applied on the skin are among the primary causes of hyperpigmentation.

Always remember that there is no one-solution-fits-all when it comes to whitening. Though using creams and lotions  help in lightening of the skin, it does not totally address the concern.

What you need is to get a proper assessment of your skin condition.

Also, what you have to know is that whitening is a continuous process and must be maintained on a regular basis.

At Belo we have developed a skin whitening system that guarantees to lighten skin four tones lighter. We call it the lumina system. It is a unique combination of in-clinic treatments and specially formulated products to help you get a healthy fairer skin. It is our holistic approach to skin whitening. It starts with preventing melanin production, removing melanin on the top layer of the skin and even infusing the body with antioxidants to help maintain the healthy glow. The type, quantity, frequency and combination of products and treatments will vary depending on your skin condition and needs.

Thank you Trish for trusting me with your beauty concern! Always remember that you only have one face and one body so make sure that when it comes to your beauty it has to be done right the first time. Again I encourage everyone to send your beauty concerns at vicki@belomed.com and let’s all get belofied!

Love, Dr. Belo

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