Harmonizing with nearby nature

Harmonizing with nearby nature

With the age of industrialization, a lot of places that were once full of thick trees and soil have now been converted to concrete jungles. Places that were once untouched by nature now have cabins or tiny buildings built in the thick of them all. But even with the changes in their habitats, the animals native to the place manage to survive and adapt to their new surroundings.

If you live close to a forest or a park, you may notice the wildlife appearing around your gardens now and then. It can be entertaining and even rewarding to help out your animal neighbors, so here are 5 tips you can try out in order to harmonize with the nature around you:

For the birds

Probably the easiest neighbors you can observe, birds can easily pop in and out of places with their natural ability to fly. It can soothe the heart and fill you with peace when you observe the little creatures hopping around your backyard, chirping a song or two. To get to know these flapping friends, leave out a plate, a bowl or a feeder filled with the kinds of seeds birds enjoy eating. You can also google how to make your own feeders with simple household appliances you have on-hand.

By the riverside

If your house is close to a river or a body of water, it can give you the opportunity to find aquatic creatures like ducks, pond skaters and frogs (frogs are considered good omens in some cultures). Do your part and help clean up any garbage that may wind up in the water. The animals can choke or get hurt interacting with it. If you’re feeling a little generous during your free time, take some bread with you and feed the fish or ducks that have made their home in the area.

Bug buddies

You may be thinking “Ew! Bugs!”, but not all insects are creepy, crawly or entirely useless. Butterflies are great example as they are both beautiful and help with plant pollination. These critters are attracted to plants native to the area that bloom midday and are brightly colored (warm colors like red and orange). Don’t kill spiders or shoo ladybugs either. They can help lowering the pest count in your garden by a lot. No more worrying about your garden being gobbled by aphids and such.

Four-legged friends

If your home is near a thicket or even a small untouched environment, you may catch a glimpse of rabbits or even deer. To attract and observe these animals close to your home, leave an easily accessible water source outside. You can purchase a bushel of inexpensive apples or collect acorns which you can then leave in pails outside your home. Research about other ways you can attract these creatures to your abode and try to avoid leaving foods that can attract unwanted visitors like bears or foxes.

Observing animals close to the comfort of your home is a great activity for you to do with nature-minded friends or with your kids. Just remember: if you respect nature, nature will respect you back. If you are careful with these creatures, they won’t attack or bother you.


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