Delicious and healthy pizzas at Artos in Glendale

Delicious and healthy pizzas at Artos in Glendale

PEOPLE’s love for pizza is prodigious. It is one of those food items which we all love to devour, no matter where we are from or what age group we belong to.

At Artos Armenian Pizza in Glendale, the story is not much different. Here, centuries-old techniques are merged with the state-of-the-art methods to create an authentic pizza which is unique in shape, texture, and taste.

It is an Armenian method, which has been in demand for centuries. Artos introduced Middle-Eastern flavor in the vicinity of Glendale, near Los Angeles. The methods prac- ticed at Artos have been passed on from one generation to an- other. They are pure and kept as secrets.

Being food lovers, Artos owner Arhur Dedeyan, and his staff exert all their efforts into uplift- ing the quality of the food they serve.

Here’s a brief detail of the food available at Artos Armenian Pizza, to tempt you to take time off your busy schedule and visit them soon:

Lahmajun Armenian Pizza

This classic thin crust Arme- nian Pizza is topped with minced meat and vegetables. When baked,you will agree that it is the most delicious pizza in town. Due to its high demand and popularity among people, a single piece is sold for $1 only.

Greco Feta and Spinach Pizza

The thin crust of this pizza is topped with spinach and feta cheese made from pure milk. A single Greco is sold for as low as $1.50, making this appetizing diet available to all. Apart from the basic toppings, you may also choose to add tomato and olives.

Zahtar Lebanese Thyme Pizza

Thyme, a Lebanese delight, is known for its distinct taste, and many health benefits. This is added to as part of the Zahtar Lebanese Thyme Pizza’s top- pings. This flavor is not only pro- found in taste; its health benefits is also an added bonus. A single piece is sold for as low as $1.

Aleppo Cheese and Hot Pepper Paste Pizza

This is a spicy addition to the Artos’ menu. A mixture of cheese with ground hot pepper is used as the topping. A careful combina- tion of the items results in taste and perfection. A single piece is available at $1.50.

Apart from the regular top- pings, fresh onions, tomatoes, and olives are also available as an addition depending on customer demand. A pizza sandwich wrap costs $1.99.

At Artos Pizza, quality of the product and customer satis- faction are prioritized. Valued customers are assured of eating deliciously healthy pizzas in im- maculate conditions.

For more information on Artos Pizaa, you may visit Artospizza. com.

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