DA crafts roadmap to boost PHL coffee industry

DA crafts roadmap to boost PHL coffee industry

MANILA, Aug. 1 (PNA) — The Department of Agriculture (DA), in collaboration with various stakeholders, has crafted a national roadmap to boost the global competitiveness of the Philippines coffee industry.

Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala said the national roadmap “will not only sustain the increasing demand for coffee in the country today, but would also lead the Philippines to being a net exporter of coffee.”

As of 2011, the Philippines is a net importer of coffee while neighboring nations, which include Indonesia and Vietnam, are net exporters.

“We have the capability to produce yet we are importing a lot. Import substitution and exportation is the way to go,” Alcala said.

To attain this, the DA said the master plan has provided the needed direction towards attaining a cost-competitive sector that is reliable and environment-friendly, aligned with global quality standards, and capable of providing sustainable benefits to farmers, processors, traders and exporters.

The roadmap also highlighted the difference between typical and modern coffee growing, gaps in the value chain that needed to be addressed, good farming and management practices, and support services which include financing, logistics, and research and development.

The DA chief likewise touted the high potential of coffee as an intercrop to increase the income of coconut farmers.

“Ang kape, kapag isinama sa niyog, aasenso ang mga magsasaka,” Alcala said.


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