Budget friendly countries

Budget friendly countries

You may have gotten your economy class plane ticket to see the world, but traveling can sometimes be a pain in the wallet.

Fear not, though, as there are different countries where buying meals and souvenirs won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Here are a number of money-saving nations that you should add on your “travel list for less”:


Ah, beautiful Indonesia! A haven of tradition, meditation and inexpensive travel. Your dollars are miniature riches within the borders of this peaceful little country. With accommodations ranging from a simple hostel of $10 to private rooms worth $24, you’ll never be short to enjoy sleeping in the best the country can offer. As for the wining and dining, a single dollar can net you full course meals already! Now that’s peace of mind for both your soul and your pocket.


If looking into the past is your thing, then rustic Cambodia is a must on your traveling bucket list. But aside from the massive, ancient temples and hauntingly majestic scenery, the costs of food and accommodations do not disappoint either. You can enjoy street food or a full restaurant fare for a meager $1-$5. Talk about getting your fill for less. As for transport, worry not. Renting your own personal taxi for the day can cost about as much as $20. Now that’s savvy traveling.


The rapid modernization of China lists it as one of the countries with the most economic growth in recent times. This means that the cost of living in China isn’t as punishing as other countries tend to be. With its huge land mass ready to explore, saving a few dollars along the way is just what you need. From $6.50, $20 to $30 will get you a few nights in dorms, private rooms and suites respectively. While hikes and excursions can be a little pricey at $30, tours to museums, world famous attractions and temples can range from $10, $8 to being completely free of charge.


With waterfalls, mountains and Buddhist monasteries waiting to line your viewfinder, picturesque, budget-friendly Laos should be next on your travel itinerary. With $1 equivalent to 8000+ Laotian Kip, you know you’re going to enjoy the journey without dishing too much of your hard-earned green. The most you can spend on accommodations is around $10 while you can grab a bite to eat for as high as $8. You’ll be returning home with a big load of cash still left in your wallet after this trip.


One of the first choices for backpackers around the world, travel through the country is a breeze for most people and the prices won’t suck out the life of your traveling fun. City guesthouses can reach prices up to $7 while the accommodations in the country can go as low as $4 for you big savers out there. As for food, $2 is enough to get you through the day with a filled belly as Thai street food and dishes are some of the most savory and well-loved by all travelers.

Just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all of what a country has to offer. These five examples are just a few of the countries you can visit that have amazingly low prices for great services. So plan your expenses, buy yourself a ticket and get out there to experience the world!


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