Beautiful cherry blossom lands

Beautiful cherry blossom lands

Small blossoms on a tree. Pink all over the branches draped. You fall ever softly. The cherry blossom is a subtle yet memorable flower that can be found around certain places in the world. While they are small and easy to shake off from their branches, they are lovely and cover the springtime with beautiful blankets of blush.

Here are some of the places where picturesque cherry blossom trees can be found:


One of the places where the cherry blossom (sakura) is a national symbol. In Japan, the shower of these pink petals isn’t just an aesthetic. It’s a way of life. From sakura flavored snacks and sakura themed items, no other country is as crazy about these beautiful petals as the land of the rising sun.


While not as enthusiastic as Japan is about these tiny pink petals, America nonetheless has its share of beautiful springtime views when the season rolls in.  The Tidal Basin in Washington DC is a romantic lookout where cherry blossoms line the trees around.

South Korea

Much like its Japanese sister, South Korea has its own dandy streets lined with pink-producing trees in the country. A tunnel in Jinhae-gu features some of the most charming sights, with both the little pink blossoms and sharp colored fences that brighten the calming vibe of the street.


The St. James Park in London is a good place to get your pink on with some of their trees sprouting a bushy, rosy foliage that’s just in the season right now. Who said beautiful blossoms like those only grow in Asia or America as other European countries boast a pretty boom of blossom as well.

The  gentle blush of the season cannot be missed! Get traveling to see the rosy glow of mother nature in action when you visit these wonderful cherry blossom countries in their springtime.


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