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Weird on the road: Unusual driving laws you may not know

The rules of the road aren’t always as straightforward as red, yellow and green. For example, if a police officer were to pull over a driverless car, who would get the ticket? How will cops in states that have legalized … Continue reading

December 07, 2016

Buckle up for safety:  Why the seat belt is your best protection 

Confusion and panic often accompany the sounds of screeching tires and metal slamming into metal.  A passenger’s body hurtles forward during a front end collision, carried by momentum for a few horrific seconds after the moment of impact. Road conditions, … Continue reading

December 07, 2016

On retirement and preparing for your ‘nest egg’

NO career lasts forever. However dedicated individuals might be their professions, health and other concerns will eventually limit their ability to work. When that time comes, it is unlikely that seniors will be able to rely on their Social Security … Continue reading

August 24, 2016

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