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Free will

“I’m free!” It sounds so simple, yet it’s complicated at the same time. I was in an emotional muck over the last few weeks, answering its deafening banging at the door of my heart. My head thinks too much, so … Continue reading

February 16, 2013

The restoration miracle

Chances are, most women share the same thoughts on men. I would never say it out loud, but recently, I started making a list of  important characteristics I should look for and want in a man. I tried to finish … Continue reading

February 02, 2013

Endings are beginnings

I ADMIT that there are days when I really just want to stop and quit. It’s a double whammy when your loved ones are not by your side, during your most trying times. It draws and drains you of all … Continue reading

August 03, 2011

Honoring the feminine within

LOOKING back on my teenage years, I realized that it was my mother who taught me to maintain a beauty ritual. She would always remind me to look beautiful and to smell good all the time. She trained me to … Continue reading

July 13, 2011


What do you do when you’re granted the opposite of what you’ve been praying for? I fly by the seat of my pants. Last week was a challenging week, and even as I wallow under the weight of my thoughts, … Continue reading

June 22, 2011

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