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Time for a makeover

The holidays may be behind us but the physical effects, among others, will linger a while. Medically speaking, it is actually time for “damage control” for those of us who have overindulged during the festivities.  And I plead guilty to … Continue reading

February 09, 2018

Rx for e-addicts

LAST week, in this column, we dissected the anatomy, physiology, and psychological and social impact of electronic addiction, a relatively new condition on its way to officially being a medical disease entity. The e-addicts we described ranged from the first … Continue reading

February 02, 2018

Electronic addicts

Advances in science and technology bolster progress in almost all facets of human endeavor, making most (unfortunately, not all) people more comfortable, more efficient, and productive, not to mention other benefits we derive from them as individuals and as a … Continue reading

January 25, 2018

Sudden cardiac death

What is Sudden Cardiac Death? Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) is a swift and unexpected death caused by a heart condition or mechanism, which may or may not be obvious. SCD varies in its range of definition. Usually, though, it applies … Continue reading

January 18, 2018

Is cancer preventable?

Nineteen years ago, I wrote my article entitled “How to Prevent Cancer”, a serious topic I also discussed in my book, Let’s Stop “Killing” Our Children ( A review on cancer in the United States in 2014 by the American … Continue reading

January 11, 2018

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