Angels among us

“I think that someone is watching out for me, God, my guardian angel, I’m not sure who that is, but they really work hard.”  Mattie Stepanek

DO you believe in angels? I do. Most people do.

The strong presence of angels in the various books of the Bible, especially during the birth of Jesus Christ attests to the role of angels in human history.

The Angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she would bring forth a son.  Zechariah received a message from an angel. It was an angel that told Joseph to take Mary for his wife. It was a multitude of angels that told the shepherds where to find the newborn child while angels hovered above the stable during that wondrous night.

It was also an angel that warned Joseph of a clear and present danger to the child Jesus. Herod, the unhinged, murderous king descended from a long line of power-mad monarchs, wanted to make sure no one stood between him and his throne.

In haste, Joseph left with Mary and the child during the night after the Magi had left for a long and arduous trek to a town in Egypt some scholars estimate to be 200 miles away where Herod had no authority to commit mass murder.

You can bet a host of angels guided them in seeking refuge. Herod’s murderous rampage began when he realized that the Magi had tricked him and had taken a different route home ignoring his sly request to tell him of the child’s location.

It is believed 14,000 innocent male babies from the age of two and below were killed in Herod’s most cruel, preemptive strike against this perceived threat to his kingdom. The holy family stayed safely away for years until the king died and the danger had passed.

Did these holy innocents become cherubs, angels without wings? Do the millions of the unborn of our time the world over cut down by murderous abortionists become cherubs?

Does God repurpose innocent souls upon their deaths to become angels themselves? There is a belief that souls are indestructible. If so, do souls get recycled back to be born at another time and place?  Only God knows for certain.

Angels were strong proactive characters when the story of humanity unfolded during biblical times. And while today, cynics, atheists and those on the dark side might argue that angels are figments of the human imagination, there are countless people who will brave the scorn of scoffers, fight back vehemently and attest to the very real presence of angels in their lives.

(To be continued …)

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