Angelo Antonio Maristela, Renaissance-bred artist

Angelo Antonio Maristela, Renaissance-bred artist

In the realm of the art world, realism has been accurately considered the highest form of painting creativity due to the proximity of the art work to the original appearance of its subject. The Renaissance period, understandably, gave birth to such painting style and Hellenistic Greek sculptures.

A multi-faceted Filipino artist, Angelo Antonio Maristela, has successfully soared high in the competitive world of Fine Arts with his unremitting enthusiasm, ambitious goals, diverse and distinct painting techniques, and paramount achievements.

The Renaissance-inspired artwork of Maristela are meticulously executed with tremendous degree of persistence and fortitude while simultaneously devoting greater concentration on his faultless synthesis of hues and tints in his conscientious endeavor to generate an uncharacteristic blend and texture.

Angelo’s imaginative method of painting is resolute with seemingly confident strokes giving the fullest attention to fine details. His brushes appear to sustain vitality and dynamism each time they hit the canvas…and leave a divergent composite of essential genuineness immortalizing every essence of reality.

There is indubitably an escalating forthrightness in the way he scrupulously treated his human subjects with such unfussy pragmatism resulting to almost realistic images. Angelo’s predominant technique in breathing life and providing soul to his art, particularly to human structures, irrefutably reflects his highly influential style and strappingly ingenious visualization. Easily, his human images are unmistakably photographic and lens-crafted.

No wonder, this Master-of-Realism was already artistically inclined even at the tender age of three. Unlike kids of his age, young Angelo despised games and toys in lieu of drawing tools and papers… and his aesthetic genes gradually built up a soaring obsession to create fine artworks from unelaborated but amazing paintings to award-winning masterpieces.

Angelo must have been really born with brush and easel and destined for greatness in the field of Fine Arts. He was already doing professionally commissioned artworks even before he formally enrolled at the Far Eastern University for his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree major in Advertising.

Born on October 4, 1971 in Paco, Manila to a Filipino mother and half-American father, this Libran is innately introspective with artistic creativity.

They say that there are only a handful of artists who could juggle between realism and abstract styles although majority of art connoisseurs deem Abstract Expressionism practitioners to be some sort of “tired” Realism artists… but not Angelo. His wide range of innovative talent and extraordinary imaginative visualization of things are quite supreme and unrivaled.

Expectedly, Angelo’s ingenuity wasn’t limited on canvas but had eventually branched out to related fields. In 2009, he joined a design team of a leading design company in Doha, Qatar where he was assigned to create magnificent art pieces which now embellish exclusive residential and commercial villas in Qatar. Not all brilliant artists were given the opportunity to do commissioned jobs by wealthy businessmen, potent sheikhs, and prominent personalities but Angelo had them all.

In the late 2015, Angelo, together with his wife, Lynn, and three children (Racco Angelo, 17 and currently on TASC class at Hudson Technical School; Renfrew Cephas, 15 in Grade 8; and Ressu Gaella, 9, in Grade 3) relocated to the US and since had been part of seven group exhibits: one in NJ, four in NYC, and two in Florida. He was also privileged to be part of prestigious art groups including the elite SPAA (Society of Philippine American Artists) and the Filipino Artists Foundation.

Any time soon it won’t be startling to hear the name Angelo Antonio Maristela affirmed as one among the most accomplished Filipino artists essentially equipped with the sterling authority to fill a void spot in the annals of the world’s greatest masters of Fine Arts.

Currently, his latest artworks are put up on view at the Philippine Center NY Lobby, heralding his first solo art exhibit in the Big Apple.

Angelo Antonio Maristela’s  NYC Art Exhibit runs from April 3 to 14, 2017 at the Philippine Consulate along 556 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10036.

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