Angelica Panganiban: The reasons she is the ‘hugot Queen’ of showbiz 

Angelica Panganiban: The reasons she is the ‘hugot Queen’ of showbiz 

“Ayoko ng meron akong pinagbibigyan ng kalahati ng sarili ko.” (I don’t want to keep giving half of myself to another); “Sa umpisa lang yan mainit, tignan mo sa katagalan magkakalamigan din kayo. Parang kami.” (It’s just warm in the beginning. You’ll later see, it’s going to get ‘cold’ eventually. Just like what happened to me and him) — These are just few of the on-point, deeply-rooted loaded remarks aka “hugot” lines that Angelica Panganiban has said on her comedy sitcom and her Instagram account. Fans and followers are entertained by the actress’s wit and no-holds-barred-reactions (not to mention, very relatable) that they call her the “Hugot Queen.”

Being in the industry for more than 20 years and having won awards, I believe Angelica has proven her worth in show business. It is probably the reason she can get away with her straightforwardness and candid replies without people making a big deal out of it. In fact, it works to her advantage especially that women who were betrayed, brokenhearted or in pain can relate to her. She is, to them, the heroine of the “sawi”. Not to exaggerate but Angge (Angelica’s nickname) did go through a serious amount of heartbreaks in her past relationships.

Angelica’s relationships weren’t just the typical “puppy loves” or some “flavors of the month” that come and go. She was in relationships that lasted long and seemed serious at the time. I have to say that she really earned the right to that title based on the pain she endured being in relationships that could have ended up in the altar.

The first one on record was with Carlo Aquino who was Angelica’s best friend-turned-boyfriend of six years. It was even noted in one of Carlo’s recent interviews that if they’d been a few years older then, Angelica could have been “the one” for him. They separated and remained friends over the years. The next relationship, also a long-term one, was with Derek Ramsey. They even had a movie together. It was around 2006 when they met and officially became a couple the following year. They stayed together for six years. In an interview in the April 2013 issue of entertainment magazine Star Studio, Angelica revealed how Derek broke up with her in the midst of an argument they had on the phone. In the years leading up to their separation, the former celebrity couple had to grapple with several problems that later proved difficult to handle. The following day, Angelica moved out her things from the house she had shared with Derek for five years.

Then came John Lloyd Cruz who has reportedly fathered the rumored child of sexy actress Ellen Adarna after the highly controversial and publicized bitter separation from Angelica. The ex-couple dated for four years before calling it quits May 2016. When Angelica publicly opened up about her split from John Lloyd, she couldn’t hold back her tears when she was interviewed by Vice Ganda on an episode of “Gandang Gabi Vice.” Angelica admitted that she was struggling in moving on from her relationship with John Lloyd. She revealed that she cried a lot due to heartaches.

Some people may view Angelica’s remarks as bitterness or inability to move on. But for me, it’s her way of coping. It’s her way of trying to reassure herself that she is still standing and the pain is just temporary. I’ve seen a lot of celebrity relationships fail but it’s not the same when it happens to a believer of long-term relationships. Angelica is obviously a believer of staying faithful. I’m sure she hoped that one of her past relationships could have been for keeps.

Angelica deserves to be with the person who stands for the same ideals as she does. One who would fight for her, support her, love her unconditionally, laugh and cry and even exchange ‘hugot’ lines with her when they recall their past relationships. And if there’s one thing that Angelica has, aside from her witty and loaded lines, it is her strength. Not everybody can go through a whole deal of pain and still pick herself up (and pick up some relatable lines in the process). She may be the hugot queen we’ve come to know, but for the right reasons. She loved. Really loved. Then she lost. But in her loss, we saw her strength and her ability to turn the pain into a legitimate entertainment that many can relate to.

To Angelica, I am looking forward to the day when “the One” for you will find you and turn you from a Hugot Queen to his Only Queen.


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