Vilma Santos fulfills bedridden fan’s wish

Vilma Santos fulfills bedridden fan’s wish

THE 54th birthday celebration of Evangeline Muñoz was made more special by the surprise appearance of Rep. Vilma Santos.

The Vilma Santos Solid International (VSSI), a group composed of long-time avid fans of the ‘Star for All Seasons,’ planned a surprise birthday celebration for Muñoz on July 29.

The celebration was a response to the request of Faye Galang, the sister of Muñoz, to grant the wish of her sister to meet the former Batangas governor before she dies. VSSI responded as soon as Galang’s Facebook post reached its president, Jojo Lim, according to a report by

Muñoz, who has Down syndrome, has been bedridden for two years due to her gout and rheumatism. According to Galang, her sister’s room was filled with pictures of Santos to help relieve her pain.

Muñoz inherited her admiration of the 63-year-old actress-politician from her deceased mother Gloria. During the 1970s, the two watched Ate V’s movies together.

They also cut pictures of the actress from magazines and newspapers.

“I cannot explain the feeling,” Rep. Santos said. “You do not know where the admiration and love are coming from.”

“It’s a fulfillment that there are people who love you like this [Evangeline]. Maybe this is why I reached this far in the industry,” the congresswoman added. According to her, people like Muñoz serves as an inspiration.

The fulfilled dream of Muñoz was featured on “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” last Sunday, July 30.

Relationship deeper than show business

Despite the Batangas representative’s break from entertainment, she remains caring to her VSSI family.

Rep. Vilma also said she values her deep relationship with her fans.

“Our relationship cannot be considered as only show business. Now that I’m in public service, they are still with me. If I serve, they also serve and I have projects wherein they participate,” she said.

The actress-politician also mentioned the communication and coordination they have.

Aside from strengthening her relationship with her fans, Vilma also focuses on giving financial assistance to the members of the group who are sick or in need.

According to VSSI President Lim, the actress donated initial funds to support the members.

Vilma expressed her joy that VSSI has become a bridge in helping their fellow members.

“In my long years in the industry, this [helping others] is just a small thing,” she said. She further mentioned Vilmanians who are sick and old but continue to love her.

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