TOYCON 2017 + Poplife FanXperience celebrate 16 years

TOYCON 2017 + Poplife FanXperience celebrate 16 years

Pop culture fans’ much awaited convention of the year kicks off as ToyCon 2017 partners for the second time with Pop! Life entertainment at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City on June 30-July 2, 2017.

As an annual fan entertainment who aims to promote interest in collectibles and boost pop culture in the Philippines, The Asian Comics, Toys and Hobbies Collective Inc. celebrates this year’s sixteenth Toycon culmination as one of the grandest celebrations with FanXperience which is a scion to the Salt Lake City Comic Con, the third largest comics convention in the United States.

Toycon is famous for cosplays, gathering its fans and collectors to showcase their toy and action figure collectibles, and even featuring the biggest local and international celebrities  from different medias like movies, animes, television, music, gaming and comics where the massive entertainment and gaming brands are also being exhibited.

This year’s star-studded guest list who are in town to grace the ribbon cutting ceremony on July 1 includes those from famous movies like Filipino-American actress, Carla Perez who starred in Power Rangers, Kevin McNally who played Gibbs in Pirates of the Carribean, Lindsay Mckeon from Supernatural, Charlie Bewley from Twilight, Suicide Squad’s Karen Fukuhara and such. The event is also a perfect opportunity for local stars to show appreciation for fans of the country’s most followed shows like Encantadia in 2016. This year, Liza Soberano who emerged as star cinema’s pick to play the role of Darna– the Philippines’ most iconic superhero, is among the international personalities who are present at the ceremony.

“It’s so fun seeing the characters I grew up watching, I’m very happy to be here meeting people who keep the comic industry alive and I’m very happy to be in this event kasi dito naman talaga nag-umpisa si Darna (this is where Darna started)” said Soberano in an interview with

Thousands of festive fans unite as licensed properties like Marvel, Star Wars, Game of thrones, DC, Walking Dead and the likes are showcased, as well as the highlighting of the biggest gaming brands like DOTA, Capcom, Namco and such.

Established in 2002, The Asian Comics, Toys, and Collective Inc. has grown from maintaining a network of collectors to advance the collecting hobby into being recognized by the international industry of toys, comics, movies, and anime.

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