Toni Gonzaga slams cheating rumors about Paul Soriano, Erich Gonzales

Toni Gonzaga slams cheating rumors about Paul Soriano, Erich Gonzales

SHE knew it was coming.

Toni Gonzaga is dismissing rumors surrounding her husband, commercial and film director Paul Soriano and actress Erich Gonzales.

In an interview with during the opening of Alex and Toni Gonzaga’s Happy Cup milk tea business, Toni revealed that she was aware of the blind items involving her husband and Erich, when the two filmed the movie “Siargao” in May.

Paul directed the film while Erich, who was recently involved in a controversial break-up with Daniel Matsunaga, played the main character opposite Jericho Rosales.

“Really? You know what, Paul already told me last May. He said, ‘I think people are gonna make an issue about me and Erich just like how they did to me with Maja [Salvador] before. So I guess it’s inevitable because Erich already talked to me and she said that some people are bashing her, messaging her, ‘‘how can you do that to Toni? Stuff like that.” she said.

With Toni’s huge following, it’s no surprise that people began bashing Paul and Erich regarding the issue.

“Paul said, ‘It’s not true, and I don’t wanna react about it,” Toni shared.

Toni also believes that a woman’s intuition is accurate most of the time and that she trusts her husband fully.

“Ewan ko, ayaw nating magsalita nang tapos, but we always lift it up to God na sana wag kaming dumaan sa ganung klase ng pagsubok, trial o ano pa man na challenge sa married life. Naniniwala kasi ako sa intuition, kasi sabi ng mommy ko kahit walang issue, kahit walang tsismis, kahit walang ano, may woman’s intuition most likely 80% of the time, it’s true. Pinakiramdaman ko, so far wala pa naman,” Gonzaga said.

(I don’t know, i don’t want to put an end to it but we always lift it up to God hoping that we won’t go through that kind of challenges in our married life. I believe in intuition, my Mom said that even though there’s no issue, nothing at all, there’s a woman’s intuition, most likely, 80% of the time, it’s true. I’m trying to observe, so far there’s none.) 

According to Toni, there are also rumors circulating about Erich and Jericho even though the latter is already married to blogger/model Kim Jones. Toni even joked about which one between Paul and Jericho is really involved with Erich, “So ano talaga ang totoo? Multiple choice? Kaya pala pina-visit niya ako. Sabi niya [Paul], ‘Why don’t you visit here?’ E, nagsyu-shooting kami ni Piolo, next month na yung shooting namin. Last four days.” she added.

(So what’s the truth? Multiple choice? Maybe that’s the reason why he wanted me to visit on set, he said ‘why don’t you visit here?’ but I’m filming with Piolo, Our shooting is next month. Last four days.) 

Toni was referring to the romantic-comedy movie that will be out next month in which she and Piolo are currently filming. The movie, which is directed by Joyce Bernal, is a dark rom-com according to Toni. She described it as different from all the other rom-com movies she has ever done.

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