Shaina Magdayao opens up about her health condition

Shaina Magdayao opens up about her health condition

KAPAMILYA actress Shaina Magdayao is not slowing down despite suffering from health complications caused by hypothyroidism.

The “Better Half” star’s condition means that she has an underactive thyroid gland, causing her metabolism to go slower.

In an interview with during her series’ finalé presscon last August 24, Shaina shared that she recently had an allergy attack while taping for the “Better Half.”

“I guess I can blame it on my really heavy role, plus my hormonal imbalance caused by my hypothyroidism,” she said.

“There were manifestations, in the form of allergic reactions. It was probably triggered by on-the-job stress, which isn’t really a bad kind of stress. But see, I’m taking my job seriously now more than ever. I’ve really learned to love my role [as Camille] and the show as well, so that’s probably what caused those manifestations,” the actress added.

Although hypothyroidism can be managed through hormone pills, Shaina also shared that she’s regularly seeing her great team of specialists and immunologists who’s been taking care and advising her to slow down. She also tried taking alternative medicine along with acupuncture and yoga which make her feel better.

The most important aspect of Shaina’s treatment is changing her lifestyle: sleeping early, working out and taking care of her health.

“I just realized that I should take better care of my health since I’ve been working since a really young age. And maybe I just don’t realize it, but the physical neglect is probably catching up on me now. It just so happened that, since the start of this year, I’ve had a lot of work commitments that overlapped. That was the time we were doing the pilot for The Better Half, and I was doing the movie. That’s why I’ve decided to take a break from ASAP first, so that I could at least have Sunday off,” Shaina said.

Despite her condition, Shaina maintained she is not slowing and will be much busier with a couple of projects in line for her, including a movie with director Lav Diaz. The movie will be shot in Singapore together with ABS-CBN head, Charo Santos Concio.

“Although I want to rest, I can’t afford to. I can’t say no to all these wonderful blessings and opportunities being given to me. As soon as I get back, the next day, we’ll fly to Siargao for the event that my foundation is organizing,” she said.

Shaina is supporting SMILE Cares Foundation where she helps raising funds for the construction of an eco-camp in a two-hectare lot in Siargao that will provide agricultural training for out-of-school youths.

“We’re finally working with UPLB [University of the Philippines Los Banos]. They’re the experts, and they’re gonna test the soil. They’ll determine what plants are suitable for growing there for their community” she said excitedly.

She also shares that she’ll be doing a project as soon as she get back from Siargao, in which she considers as an early birthday gift. The younger sister of singer-actress Vina Morales will turn 27 in November.

“With all these wonderful blessings, I promised to visit Father Pio on my birthday just to give thanks for the really productive second quarter that I had this year. For sure, the blessings will be a great help to my recovery, that’s why I’m looking forward to working” the actress said.

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