Programming of Kababayan Today, February 15-19, 2016

Programming of Kababayan Today, February 15-19, 2016

Monday, Feb. 15 - One of the most talked about and watched shows online of Kababayan Today was about American David Haldane finding love online with his Filipina wife Ivy Sumando. David, a former journalist, joins us to share excerpt readings of his book called Nazi’s & Nudist’s, a memoir about his experience of going to the Philippines to meet his bride and her family.

Tuesday, Feb. 16 - Join our panel to discuss #selflove and #selfcare. Joining us are  with Christine Sumiller, Irene Soriano and Alison De La Cruz.

Wednesday, Feb. 17 - Midweek News Updates from the Asian Journal and Mia Mcleod of McLeod and Associates gives real estate advice.

SCPASA, the umbrella organization of Filipino-American Student Organizations, fills us in on their event this coming Feb. 20.

Professor Brandon Reilly discusses the history of the national dish of the Philippines, the Sinigang!

Thursday, Feb. 18 - Tune in to get Immigration Updates from Reeves & Associates.

Nicole Barredo, Joan Almedilla, Samatha Cutarana and Giselle Tongi are set to star in the new production of East West Players, “Criers for Hire” that will begin its run on March 13. Get to know the cast and why the play is so relevant to the Fil-Am community.

Friday, Feb. 19 -  For Film Fridays, we re-air our episode with Fil-Am Oscar winner, Stephen Dypianco. Make sure to catch the Academy Awards which is only just a week away.


Giselle “G” Töngi is the host and producer of Kababayan Today, a daily talk show that features relevant topics for Filipino’s living in America. Her aim is to bridge not only the cultural gap between America & the Philippines but to help with the generational gap between our own people. She is married with two children and is based in Southern California and makes frequent trips in the Pacific Rim to Hawaii and Manila to feature fellow kababayans who are empowering the FilAm community.

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