No vanity for Misagh

No vanity for Misagh

For Iranian-Filipino footballer Misagh Bahadoran, being clean and neat is not vanity.

The forward for Global FC and winger for the Philippines national team, does not even wear perfume. So when actress and model Sam Pinto, who Misagh has been dating since December 2015, asked what his perfume was, Misagh just laughed.

“She asked me, ‘what’s your perfume? I like the fragrance,’ and I was like I just showered using GlutaMAX soap,” says the 29-year-old Dentistry graduate from the Centro Escolar University.

The soap that Misagh was referring to is GlutaMAX Men Face and Body Soap Bar, part of the most effective skin lightening system in the market today, which also includes GlutaMAX Men Deodorant Spray and GlutaMAX Men Facial.

The clean scent comes from the soap bar’s power to remove dirt and excess oil, eliminate dead skin cells and other skin blemishes while gently lightening the skin tone.

“Females may appear to be more conscious of beauty than males, but both need the same skin and body care,” said Paulo Legaspi, President of Healthwell Nutraceuticals, Inc., an affiliate of YSA Skin Care Corporation and the creator of GlutaMAX.

“Everybody benefits from a good skin care regimen, both males and females,” says Robert Nazal, YSA Chairman, who himself uses GlutaMAX products.

So, for Misagh, it’s not vanity. It’s #MAXpogi for GlutaMAXMen.

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