No to Marcos burial because he is no hero

No to Marcos burial because he is no hero

NINE local Filipino-American organizations have signed on to be part of the Kontra Libing Coalition that vehemently protests against the hero’s burial for the dictator Ferdinand Marcos next week on September 7, 2016. You can add my name to the coalition informally as I too support this cause!

With President Rodrigo Duterte’s orders to have Marcos’s remains transplanted to the Libingin ng Mga Bayani, I refuse to feel helpless that there is nothing I as an individual can do to stop this. As they say, there is strength in numbers, which is why I urge you all to join me this coming Wednesday.

According to the Kontra Libing Coalition: “A hero’s burial for Marcos erases the memory of the Filipino people’s hard-fought and heroic struggle for freedom from his tyranny. Many true heroes gave up their lives in brave defiance of his illegitimate authority, and in courageous struggle against corruption and injustice. Throughout the dictator’s reign, there were activists who were not silenced, and in the end, over 2 million Filipinos spilled into the streets, stood in front of army tanks and forced the dictator, his family and minions to flee for their lives.

A hero’s burial for Marcos plays into the hands of Marcos loyalists, who are waging a political comeback, as with the recent vice-presidential electoral bid of the dictator’s son, Bongbong Marcos. Marcos Jr.’s brazen refusal to acknowledge his father’s human rights abuses and theft of billions of dollars, and his bald-faced glorification of his father’s rule, make him a threat to the country should he succeed in getting elected to the highest offices of the land. A hero’s burial erases from memory the sins of the Marcos dictatorship, and removes another obstacle in the path of the Marcos loyalists’ political ambitions.

Most importantly, a hero’s burial for Marcos negates the hard and important lessons learned from his dictatorial regime’s negative example. The Filipino people deserve to move on – away from corruption, away from the old politics of patronage and people’s disempowerment, away from tyranny and abuse of power, away from the sordid state of affairs that was the Marcos era, and into a new politics of principles, reform, social justice, human rights, genuine democracy, good government and accountability.”

On my show, “Kababayan Today,” I feature Bawat Bato, an organization in the Philippines that is also against the Marcos burial. 

I urge Filipino Americans to come on September 7, 2016, at 12 p.m. at the Philippine Consulate General at 3435 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, California, 90010.

This is a part of the global protest on September 7 at all PH embassies and consulates worldwide. In the United States, we will rally in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Washington DC that day at noon.


Giselle “G” Töngi is the host and producer of Kababayan Today, a daily talk show that features relevant topics for Filipino’s living in America. Her aim is to bridge not only the cultural gap between America & the Philippines but to help with the generational gap between our own people. She is married with two children and is based in Southern California and makes frequent trips in the Pacific Rim to Hawaii and Manila to feature fellow kababayans who are empowering the FilAm community.

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