‘Lumpia’ screening and Kickstarter

‘Lumpia’ screening and Kickstarter

Filipino-American filmmaker Patricio Ginelsa is kicking off the 10th year anniversary of his cult movie, Lumpia, with a special screening in the Bay and Los Angeles.

Ginelsa, who is well known for his work on The Debut and directing the Black Eyed Peas’ Apl song music video, among other project, created a Kickstarter campaign to launch a new feature: a sequel to Lumpia. Kickstarter is a website that helps raise funds for creative projects through crowdsourcing.

Unlike the Lumpia movie (a 2003 independent title, which was shot using home video cameras and about $1,000 budget) Ginelsa aims to raise significantly more for this next project.

The Asian Journal caught up with the director and asked him about his latest venture.

AJ: Tell us about your new project.

PG: Throughout the year, we’ve been celebrating the 10th year anniversary of our “ultimate homemade movie” Lumpia with new retrospective videos, revamped website, and just reflecting how that project launched our filmmaking careers. We have an August 9 hometown screening in Daly City, CA, where the movie was shot, but we’ve held back in revealing the real centerpiece of our 10th anniversary celebration.  And that is, launching our first every Kickstarter campaign to make our next feature, which will be a bigger budget sequel to Lumpia.

AJ: Why make Lumpia the movie now?

PG: Believe me, I never thought I’d return to back to this world. But after all these years, I found out I’m not completely done telling stories about the crazy kids of Fogtown and their Lumpia-wielding avenger.  I got a cool story to tell 15 years later after the first movie’s events.  And most importantly, the plot got my producers and my original cast excited!  It can work as a direct sequel but also a stand-alone movie.  PLUS, I get to do things I wasn’t able to do in the first one. 3D Lumpia anyone?

AJ: How much do you want raise for the film?

PG: Our Kickstarter campaign has a minimum goal of $50,000 and it launches after our August 9 screening.  For a feature it doesn’t sound like a lot of money.  Our real target goal is twice that amount, but reaching $50,000 is the minimum threshold for us to believe there is an audience out there that wants to see this sequel and will motivate us to make sure we see this through.  Out of all the projects we’re developing, myself and the producers decided that Lumpia had a big enough cult following for our first crowd funding project.  It’s scary and exciting at the same time.  Scary, because its like baring your souls and testing the strength of your supporters and network.  It’s gonna be a true reality check for us.  But at the same time, if a Lumpia 2 gets us passionate and excited, then I’m confident that our community will feel the same as well.

AJ: Why should the community support your project?

PG: It feels every project I’ve been a part of in the last decade has included the community both in front and behind the camera.  Working on The Debut over a decade ago made me realize how there’s a need for more Filipino-American stories and movies in our community,  Today I still see that divide and hole in our community.  While there have been great Filipino films and Filipino-American directors, they didn’t include the stories I wanted to see and make. And that’s OK, because we need as many diverse voices and stories on celluloid from our community as possible. Lumpia won’t win any major movie awards.  It’s an action comedy with cheesy humor and a hero who uses Lumpia as a weapon.  Everyone wants to make the next Citizen Kane or Oscar winner, but I think we also need the next Porky’s, the next Animal House, the next American Pie. Lumpia 2 will provide me with an opportunity to pay back my old neighbors who acted in the first movie and give them a chance to experience real moviemaking.  Having proper funding will give us a bigger canvas to play with and to recruit our talented team who have worked tirelessly or for free in our last projects.  And like any project, we always make it a community affair.

For more information about the Lumpia sequel and Kickstarter campaign, please visit www.LoveThatLumpia.com.

(LA Weekend August 3-6, 2013 Sec B pg.1) 

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