Karel Marquez suffers miscarriage

Karel Marquez suffers miscarriage

A month after Karel Marquez announced her pregnancy, she shared her despair following the unfortunate miscarriage of her unborn child with Sean Fariñas.

“Our dream of having a baby this year was short lived as I had chemical pregnancies, an early miscarriage at 5-6 weeks; every mother’s nightmare,” she said in a Facebook post.

She grieved quietly for a month or two, but eventually let it out to her parents, manager and a friend when she “couldn’t take the pain already.”

The actress also admitted that she stopped working daily because she was close to getting depression.

She revealed the miscarriage now because she got tired when people would ask over and over again.

“It was hard, because everyone I’d see would always ask about my pregnancy. I wasn’t ready to explain to each and every single person about what happened to us,” the Kapuso star wrote.

Marquez also told how her husband has been grieving. “He wanted this one all his life too,” she said. Whenever they were asked about her pregnancy, they would try to evade the topic as much as they could.

“It’s not easy to say ‘try and try again’ after experiencing it twice. I was sad and stressed,” she expressed. Even after following her doctor’s orders and leading a healthy lifestyle, she “still suffered this.”

Although she is in deep pain, Marquez and her husband remain hopeful that a rainbow baby (a baby after experiencing miscarriage) would someday come.

“For now, let me be my best self, respect my body and mind, focus on the family we’ve built, go back to work full time, and still keep on inspiring others,” she said.

Marquez exchanged vows with Fariñas after being together for four years last December. She was previously in a relationship with Arman de Guzman, with whom she has two children.

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