Kaila Estrada’s independent journey to her modeling career

Kaila Estrada’s independent journey to her modeling career

Despite being the daughter of actors Janice de Belen and John Estrada, Kaila Estrada is proud of making it in the modeling industry on her own, not being reliant on the influence of her parents.

Although the “Estrada/De Belen” surname affixed to her has its advantages, the 21-year old model did her best to achieve her dream.

“I’d like to think I worked hard for it, to deviate from that kind of industry because you know, modelling is something that I’ve always wanted to do ever since I was 16,” Kaila told PEP in an interview.

Her love for fashion became deeper over time. She shared, “And then I realized na parang, ‘Oh I like this! I like being in fashion, I like styling myself, I like styling my sisters.’”

“Eventually, I decided na I want to model because I like to play around with different characters when I’m in a shoot. Or wear different kinds of clothes for different personalities on the runway so I really love it,” she continued.

She credits Rihanna and Australian fashion blogger Margaret Zhang as her style idols.

She first attempted to enter the modeling industry when she was 17, taking the runway for fashion designer Randy Ortiz.

Her modeling career continued to blossom after she signed with Mercator Models and Talent Management.

“I also joined the SM Youth Go-See competition and then when me and my partner, Kyle [Perry], won the competition, it really opened a lot of doors for me,” narrated Estrada.

“So I feel like, it’s really just about taking the opportunity as it comes, no matter how big or how small and then really working hard for it,” she added.

Even though she’s been in the industry for four years now, Estrada believes she still has a lot to learn.

According to her, the unique style on the runway would be an edge given the industry’s strong competition.

Estrada became popular after a stunning photo of her on Instagram went viral. She is now a certified Instagram star with more than 116,000 followers, as of press time. MEGAStyle.ph titled her as the “Most Beautiful Digital Influencer.” (With reports from PEP.ph)

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