Janice De Belen on parenting: ‘Allow your kids to do what they want’

Janice De Belen on parenting:  ‘Allow your kids to do what they want’

Multi-award winning actress and a mother of five, Janice De Belen, is a proud mom of her two recently graduates, Yuan Estrada, 18, and Kaila, 21.

Kaila finished Arts Management, while Yuan graduated from high school.

Her other children, Luigi Muhlach, with Aga Muhlach, has his own family, Inah, 25, and Moira, 24, with his ex-husband John Estrada are also done with their studies.

When it comes to the courses her children want to take, Janice says that they are free to choose whatever they want.

“I mean it’s not my accomplishment. It’s their accomplishment. Kasi kahit naman ipilit ko sa kanila na magtapos, kung hindi sila makakatapos, wala akong magagawa. (Eventhough, I push them to finish their studies, if they can’t, I can do nothing about it),” an interview with Janice by PEP stated.

“Ako, (For me) [the] most important [thing] is to allow your children to do what they want…to study the course that they want.

“Hindi mo puwedeng pangunahan kasi hindi naman ikaw yung nag-aaral eh kundi sila (You should not rush them to it, because you’re not the one studying but them).

“Plus if you keep on forcing the course you want on your children, hindi sila mag-e-enjoy. Kailangan ‘yung gusto nila. (They will not enjoy it.  It should be what they really love.)

When her children were younger, Janice used to impose her daughters a 1 a.m. curfew.

“Kunwari lalabas kami, night out. Kailangan sa ganitong oras naka-uwi na kami, kapag lumagpas kami kahit kaunti, hindi na kami p’wedeng lumabas (For an instance, we’re going on a night out. We need to go home at exactly this time, if we exceed even in a slightest minute, we are not allowed to go out anymore),” Kaila said in an interview on “Magandang Buhay.”

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