James Reid demands privacy in his relationship with Nadine Lustre

James Reid demands privacy in his relationship with Nadine Lustre

James Reid is denying allegations of cheating on girlfriend Nadine Lustre.

An Instagram user @worldisnotbalance has accused James of cheating on Nadine by flirting with his female friends and random girls in bars/clubs.

“Sabi niya strong women si Nadine kaya pala napuno eh no nagdeactivate at kaya din pala wala din pake si @jaye.wolf kung, if wala wala siyang planong magbago to be better grumaduate sa walwal at landian sa iba pede ba wag niyang gamitin si Nadine. Di mo nga mapangatawanan pagiging sensitive at consistent bf maging hubby material pa kaya, magwalwal na lang siya kasama mga babae niya at squad…” @worldisnotbalance commented on James’ Instagram.

(He said Nadine is an independent woman, is that why she deactivated [her Twitter account] and @jayewolf didn’t even care? Does he have any plans on being better? He needs to stop partying and flirting. Stop using Nadine. You can’t even be sensitive and consistent at being a boyfriend, how much more as a husband. Just go and party with your girls and squad.) 

The 24-year-old actor  replied,  “Nadine trusts me with anyone. She has nothing to feel jealous of. Sounds like you’re more jealous than her [laugh emoji]”.

James explained that the reason why netizens criticize him for not being affectionate towards Nadine is because the actress doesn’t like PDA (public display of affection).

“We like to keep those moments to ourselves because for so many years we’ve kissed and hugged for everyone to see on TV and movies. Is privacy too much to ask for? Judging by the way you see my life and relationship says more about you than mine,” James continued.

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