Jak Roberto on molding his ‘hunk’ image

Jak Roberto on molding his ‘hunk’ image

ACTOR Jak Roberto’s management, GMA Artist Center, avoids assigning gay roles to him to continue his leading man-hunk career path.

Asked if he wanted a wholesome look or to carry on with the “Abs ng Bayan” image for his next project, the actor responded: “Open po ako sa kahit anong role! Actually kahit gay nga, e (I am open to accept any role. Actually, even a gay role).

Since GMA Artist Center rejects the idea, Roberto explained to Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) “Kasi minomold ako na Abs ng Bayan, tapos gay role (They’re molding my image as Abs ng Bayan and a gay role doesn’t fit that).

After the successfu run of his primetime show “Meant To Be,” the 23 year-old actor and model returned to the GMA comedy anthology, “Dear Uge.”

It was in this show where he garnered the tag “Abs ng Bayan” because his character was always topless.

“Pagkapasok ko ng tindahan, topless na ‘yan, kabitan na ng lapel (When I enter the store, I’m already topless and ready to wear the lapel),” he said.

However, his character Berto has evolved from being a water boy to a professional. The actor said that he now wears leather shoes, black pants and polo shirt.

Nonetheless, it didn’t mean he won’t be topless anymore in the show because “Nagagawan ng paraan, e (They make a way for me to be topless)!

Roberto is one of the semi-regular hosts of “Sunday Pinasaya.” He’s also a member of the trio boyband, 3LOGY.

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