Has Jake Zyrus found his new love?

Has Jake Zyrus found his new love?

Shortly after making headlines with his name change, Jake Zyrus now appears to have moved on from his previous heartbreak and has found a new love.

Gossip about Zyrus going back on the dating scene spread on Sunday, Aug. 13 when nutritionist and fitness instructor Shyre Aquino uploaded a photo on her Instagram account showing her and Zyrus at the beach.

“I love you for who you are” her caption reads. Aquino had another photo with Zyrus in her Instagram where the singer posted a lengthy and heartfelt comment.

Zyrus said Aquino deserves all the good comments that she gets from netizens as she is a good human being, “To all of you, this woman makes me feel good about myself. She’s the reason I stopped hating myself because of what other people think/say about me. Other than her outer beauty, her inner beauty is one of the many reasons why I adore her. She’s patient, funny and humble. Thanks for complimenting her. It makes me feel very proud,” he said.

Upon going through Aquino’s posts, it appears that the two had been dating since, or even as early as July since there were other posts of Aquino and the singer with captions like “Each day with you”.

It can be remembered that Zyrus broke up with Alyssa Quijano last April, after four years as live in partners. Two months later, he changed his name and admitted to undergoing hormone therapy. He is set to hold his first concert as Jake Zyrus on October 6.

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