FPAC headliners in focus: Apl.de.ap & Jessica Reynoso

FPAC headliners in focus: Apl.de.ap & Jessica Reynoso

With the FPAC only days away, the excitement is reaching fever pitch.

In the lead-up to the event, organizers FilAm ARTS have announced the lineup of performers and guests slated to make an appearance at the festival. Among the marquee headliners are Apl.de.ap of the Black Eyed Peas, and Jessica Reynoso, a Fil-Am vocal virtuoso from “The Voice of the Philippines” Season One.

Apl.de.ap is a Pampanga-born Filipino-American musician, rapper, record producer, entrepreneur & philanthropist, best known as a co-founder and member of the Grammy Award-winning hip-hop group The Black Eyed Peas (BEP). BEP has sold an estimated 76 million records (35 million albums and 41 million singles), making them one of the world’s best-selling groups of all time.

Jessica, whose musical inspirations include Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand, and Aretha Franklin, found her singing voice at age 5 when she belted out “Greatest Love of All” at home to her stunned family. Since then, she has made appearances as a young performer on various TV shows. In 2013, she auditioned for The Voice of the Philippines. The rest, as they say, is history.

Jessica’s singing prowess and authenticity landed her an artist development and brand marketing contract with BMBX, Apl.de.ap’s talent management, and promotion label. Apl is not only helping promote Jessica, but is also involved in the production of her music as well. He appears in her new “Not Sorry” music video, due to be released soon which also includes a cameo from Fil-Am NBA player Jordan Clarkson of the LA Lakers.

Apl and Jessica met when she was among the last six artists of Team Apl on “The Voice of the Philippines.” Apl instantly made a connection with Jessica because of her amazing talent, and their shared heritage of both being adopted and of Filipino and African-American descent. The two forged a strong bond throughout the show’s duration in the Philippines, and during their 2015 performance at the White House for the Filipino-American History Month.

Apl at FPAC

According to FPAC organizers, Apl has been a longtime supporter of the festival. FilAm ARTS interim executive director Tina Salonga-Bulchand said that Apl brings in an unparalleled level of energy and enthusiasm to the festival.

“His performances at FPAC has always been exciting and he knows how to get the audience going,” said Salonga-Bulchand. “His support really means so much for us.”

Apl has been a long supporter of FPAC, not only as a headliner in 2016 but in the prior years. Onstage during his FPAC 25 performance, Apl said that he always feels at home at FPAC, especially in his backyard of Echo Park where the Black Eyed Peas began their career performing at local Filipino house parties.

Similar to their recent performances at MTV Asia, Apl and Jessica will do a combined set of her music alongside his own. Jessica’s voice and stage presence is powerful and will be something that people will be left speaking about, similar to her performance with Apl at the White House where she sang in both English and Tagalog, stunning the crowd.

In all of his performances, Apl’s positive vibe and energy brings together generations of fans in a hospitable, charismatic way that will make you feel like you’re watching your humble ‘kuya’ on stage. It’s like watching a family member who just happens to be a global superstar that has sold over 76 million records and as part of one of the biggest pop selling groups of all time.

Form the lolos and lolastitos and titas, to the anaks and the pamangkins, Apl will have the FPAC festival goers dancing and singing along to his timeless hits.

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